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BAC present something to Crave

Preview by Paul Nelson

LIQUID Theatre present a new staging of Crave, Sarah Kane's compelling penultimate work, at BAC studio 2, from Tuesday, February 3, to Sunday, February 22 (press night Thursday, February 5), and directed by Matt Peover.

Liquid Theatre brings their bold, theatrical approach to Crave, in only its second-ever professional production in the UK.

Sarah Kane's reputation is still tied in to the original productions of her work, which were often inseparable from the sensational coverage of her life. Five years after her tragic death, it is time for Kane's work to be appraised with objectivity.

With no stage directions, and the dialogue open to many interpretations, Crave has previously been staged with four actors sitting on four chairs.

Simon Kane, Sarah's brother, has confirmed the play was written in this style, because she specifically wanted companies to interact creatively with its writing.

Following a successful try out at BAC's headline festival of new theatre earlier this year, Liquid Theatre has created a world in which to set the stories.

The result is a chorus piece, bringing to life the characters and relationships in a sequence of scenes which relate to each other like fragments of memory in an ever changing landscape. Crave is a journey through the richness of Sarah Kane's language and rhythms, re-discovering the lightness and humour, so often missed in her work.

Liquid Theatre hopes this production will put Sarah Kane's work back where it is meant to be - being reinterpreted on the British stage as one of the great 20th century English writers.

Crave by Sarah Kane, Directed by Matt Peover. Designed by Christian Zollenkopf, Lighting by Lizzie Powell. WITH: Maya Barcot, Mark Bell, Laura Cameron, Justin Mitchell Davey. Presented by Liquid Theatre at BAC Studio 2 having been commissioned by and developed at BAC, 176 Lavender Hill, London SW11. Tickets 020 7223 2223.

Liquid Theatre have established themselves in London over the last two years as one of the most exciting companies to be working with text, bringing a combination of theatrical daring and storytelling clarity to productions of Samuel Beckett's Endgame, and Sam Shepard's Cowboy Mouth, Director Matt Peover was praised earlier this year in The Guardian's Pick of the Fringe for 'his superb productions of difficult texts'.

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