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A Dangerous Age for Starving Artists

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

CRITICALLY acclaimed Anglo-American company, Starving Artists, presents the British premiere of Godfrey Hamilton's A Dangerous Age at the Drill Hall in Chenies Street, WC1E 7EX from Wednesday, October 19 to Sunday, October 30, 2005.

Zach prowls a heat-struck beach on the shores of Lake Michigan, nursing a hangover and a secret longing for a man who changed his life forever with one act of love.

Meanwhile, Jackson sits in Hollywood pounding out furious e-mails to the President of the United States - furious at the war, furious at the fate his friends have suffered in a drowning New Orleans but, most of all, furious at the agony suffered by one particular soldier fighting in Iraq for a cause he cannot understand. A soldier named Zach......

A Dangerous Age which features Mark Pinkosh, is described as 'an utterly up to the minute contemporary tale that tells a simple love story - a story proving there is really no such thing as a one night stand.'

Starving Artists was founded by actor Mark Pinkosh (from Hawaii) and Godfrey Hamilton (from Essex). The duo perform mainly in Los Angeles and London (at the Drill Hall) but also tour internationally.

They have earned a reputation for bringing gay theatre to diverse audiences with touching wit and strikingly poetic texts. Their other work includes Sleeping with You, Don't Forget Me, Viper's Opium and Road Movie.

The Drill Hall is a leading producer and presenter of original new work across a wide range of genres: musical, physical, comedic and cabaret. Recent productions include Sisters Such Devoted Sisters, Sinner, The Bar and Entartete Musik.

Tickets: £12/£10 concessions/£8 Sunday.

There will be a special sign language interpreted performance on Friday, October 28.

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