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Dick Barton set to rise for a fifth time

Preview by Paul Nelson

BRITAIN, I am told, is in urgent need of a hero. Can Dick Barton, Special Agent, rise to the occasion?

Well, we can find out when the eagerly-awaited episode of Dick Barton, Episode V, The Excess of Evil starts its run at the Warehouse Theatre, Croydon from Friday, December 12 until Sunday, February 15.

The Dick Barton series is a sell out hit for the Warehouse Theatre Company - a must see spectacular.

Dick Barton Special Agent was first broadcast on BBC Radio, where the success of the show made Dick an icon in post war Britain.

Dick is a British institution comparable only with having one's nanny prepare afternoon tea or sharing a port with one's schoolmaster after prep.

Episode V promises to provide a fine example of British stiff upper lip at its best.

The cast, who are charged with making this episode the most exhilarating romp to date, was confirmed this week.

Dashing George Asprey will play Dick Barton with vigour and style. He has had a huge success playing David Gardenning in AKA, a film about a youth's search for love.

AKA premiered at last year's Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to great critical acclaim and was nominated for a BAFTA.

As a result, it will premiere in New York and LA later this month. New to the cast is Vicki Simon, recently from the West End production of Peggy Sue Got Married, and Graham Kent who, from a long list of roles, has played the Engineer in Miss Saigon at Drury Lane.

Together, they will be joining Dick Barton stalwarts Kit Benjamin (BBC Announcer), Darrell Brockis (Jock Anderson) and William Oxborrow (Snowy White).

Writers, Duncan Wisbey, Stefan Bednarczyk and Ted Craig, are responsible for brining back Dick Barton to save Britain from peril.

In Episode V, Dick will have to put King and Country first as he is asked to do something that, well, quite frankly, 'it's just not cricket'.
The show is fast, furious and seductive.

Dick Barton Episode V: The Excess of Evil by Duncan Wisbey and Stefan Bednarczyk, with Ted Craig. Directed by Ted Craig. Musical Direction Stefan Bednarczyk, Musical Staging by Leon de Ste-Croix, Designed by Ellen Cairns, Lighting by James Whiteside. WITH: George Asprey, Vicki Simon, Graham Kent, Kit Benjamin, Darrell Brockis and William Oxborrow. Presented by The Warehouse Theatre Company at the Warehouse Theatre, Dingwall Road, Croydon. Tickets 020 8680 4060 (phone for performance times).

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