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Edinburgh Festival 2003 - Highlights, part one

Preview by Paul Nelson

A QUICK sneak preview of some of the future highlights of this extraordinarily successful festival.

Ego by Carl Djerassi
Pleasance 2, July 30 - August 25, 4.05pm

A famous writer obsessed with reputation fakes his death to read his own obituaries. Andy Jordan directs this dark comedy about a singular obsession by the man who gave us the Contraceptive Pill. World premiere.

Kings of the Road by Brian McAvera
Pleasance Dome, July 31- August 25, 7.20pm

Top comedian Ed Byrne (pictured above) and much-loved actor James Ellis star in a hilarious and thought-provoking story of three generations of Belfast busmen, set against the danger of The Troubles. World premiere.

Playing for Reward by Chris Pitt and Joe Evans.
Gilded Balloon Teviot Dining Room, August 1-25, 2.15pm

A poignant new comedy drama set in the London Underground, this is an edgy and authentic look at life through the eyes of a busker. Two actors create the fast and frenetic world of the Underground, the people who journey through it and its own, very distinctive sound. A fantastic new score will be performed live by musician and real-life Underground busker, Joe Evans. World premiere.

Bright Colours Only by Pauline Goldsmith
Pleasance, August 1 - 25, 2.30pm

In this 2002 Edinburgh Smash Hit, Pauline Goldsmith resurrects the dying Irish wake tradition. A once-in-a-lifetime theatrical event that celebrates the struggle to be ourselves in our life and in our death.

The Illusion Brothers By Dominic Burdess and Tom Godwin
Gilded Balloon Teviot Dining Room, August 1-25, 6.30pm

A spanking new cabaret/comedy duo, The Illusion Brothers are pan-galactic entertainers on a quest to vanquish the awesome forces of tedium. A symphonic bonanza of explosive visual anarchy featuring the voice of Kathy Burke.

The Pickled King by network of stuff theatre Gilded Balloon, August 1 - 25, 3.45pm
Stolen corpses, cunning spies and a lovely pair of legs tell the story of a son¹s greed and a servant's passion in this blistering, mystery, made-up-history play. A revengers' comedy of deceit, betrayal and tiny cucumbers.

English Journeys by Steve Waters Pleasance Cavern, July 30 - August 25, 4.20pm
Steve Waters' acclaimed play sets the intimate recollections of a failing couple on the mesmerising open roads of Blair's Britain. Through their lives the play asks questions about England, fidelity, love and commitment.
English Journeys was part of the New Directions season at the Hampstead Theatre, London in 1998 where it received only 10 performances.

Throat by John-Paul Zaccarini and Flick Ferdinando
Pleasance 2, 18-25 August, 1pm

The Winner of the 2002 Total Theatre Award returns in this stunning display of physical grace and eroticism, that deals with sex, male identity and the yearning to be loved. Harnessing the effects of light and water, Throat explores the nature of performing for oneself, a partner, an audience.

Monty Python's Flying Circus in French adapted by Martine Jeanneret and Lova Golovtchiner with Laurent Conoir and Mehdi Bourayou. Pleasance 1, August 2 - 10, 5.45pm
This marks the first time ever that that the famous TV sketches have been produced for the theatre, let alone any other medium. A critical success in Paris since October 2002, the French production receives its UK premiere for 9 performances only, featuring some of the most celebrated favourites like The Ministry of Silly Walks, The Dead Parrot and The Lumberjack Song. UK Premiere.

And The Horse You Rode in On by 'ranney'. Café Royal Theatre and Bar, August 8 and 9, 12.30am; August 10-25, 5.30pm
Hysterically hip stand-up comedian and award winning slam poet 'ranney' (cast member of the 2002 Fringe Smash Hit The Bomb-itty of Errors) returns to this year¹s fringe with two of his own manically funny shows. 'Horse' is a new hip hop show which is a comedic exorcism of stand-up, social events, and raucous rants. The production is amplified by the onstage presence of New York City DJ Kevin 'Sugar' Shand (also from BOMB-ITTY).

It's 'ranney' by 'ranney' Gilded Balloon Venue 158, August 1 - 25, 7.45pm.
'ranney's second show at this year¹s festival provides an evening of astute, insanely profane comedy and room shaking spoken word. It's 'ranney' is 'ranney' in pure, concentrated form.

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