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Elmina's Kitchen posts early closing notices

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE GARRICK Theatre's production of Elmina's Kitchen which had been booking to August 20, 2005, has posted early closing notices. It will now close on July 23 after a run of three months.

As planned, On the Ceiling will follow (with previews) from August 30, 2005.

Previously Posted: ACTOR/WRITER Kwame Kwei-Armah (pictured) makes his West End writing and acting debut when his award-winning play, Elmina's Kitchen opens at the Garrick Theatre on April 26, 2005, (previews from April 20).

It was first seen at the National's Cottesloe Theatre in May 2003, where it earned Kwei-Armah the Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playright. The new production is currently on-tour.


Elmina's Kitchen is set in Hackney, east London, where the Yardies are assuming control of 'Murder Mile' and Digger's offer of protection sounds more like a threat.

It's there that Deli (Kwei-Armah) a restaurateur, is trying to keep his business afloat, while at the same time, protecting his son from life's many temptations.

Although probably best-known for his role of paramedic Finlay Newton in BBC's long-running series, Casualty, and his success in last year's Celebrity Fame Academy which spawned his first album, entitled simply Kwame, Kwei-Armah has, in fact, written several plays.

They include Hold On, A Bitter Herb, Big Nose and Fix Up which is playing at the Cottesloe until March 23, 2005.

Joining Kwei-Armah in Elmina's Kitchen will be Donna Croll, Oscar James and Shaun Parkes, all three reprising their National Theatre roles. And playing Deli's son, Ashley, will be Grange Hill's Michael Obiora

The Garrick's production will be directed by Angus Jackson who's also responsible for Kwei-Armah's Fix Up.

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