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Something to arouse theatre audiences!!

Preview by Jack Foley

FOLLOWING the success of last year’s The Happiness Compartment, NXT continues its association with the Greenwich Playhouse with another premiere of a play first seen in New York - namely, the provocatively titled, The Erotica Project.

Described by New York's Newsday as 'the latest and boldest wrinkle in the take charge age of female sexuality heralded by Madonna and consecrated by Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues', The Erotica Project is confrontational, literate, confessional, and poetic, in the way in which it combines graphic sexual material with an aesthetic that is haunting, poignant, comic and often outrageous.

It is infused with all the passion, angst, confusion and fun of real women exploring their sexuality on their own terms.

And it has been hailed by many as a joyous defiance of both the Religious Right and the Politically Correct.

Adds New York's Village Voice: "In an age when desire is in danger of becoming just another source of anxiety, it’s nice to sit back with a friend and listen to the old-fashioned sounds of hushed pleas and wicked groans."

The Erotica Project was co-written by Lillian Ann Slugocki and Erin Cressida Wilson. It stars Dionne Atwill, Marina Burton, Laura Churchill, Polly Henson, Rebecca Pollock and Laura Rugg.

Lillian has been developing and writing award-winning programs in radio, television and theatre for over 15 years for such venues as NPR, The Public Theatre, Naked Angels, New Georges, and in Cannes, Edinburgh and London.

In 1997, she aired The Erotica Project on WBAI Radio in New York for the first time before inviting playwright, Erin Cressida Wilson, and director, John Gould Rubin, to collaborate on a series of broadcasts that later evolved into off-Broadway theatre productions.

Erin, meanwhile, is a critically-acclaimed and internationally-produced playwright and screenwriter.

She has been honoured by the NEA, the Rockefeller Foundation and the California Arts Council. Her plays are published by Smith and Kraus.

In 2003, Erin wrote the stunningly sexy and controversial film The Secretary.

Formed in 1985, NXT (New Cross Theatre) is a South East London based company whose work is informed by, and in response to, the voice and vision of the writer.

Distinctive in its development is the relationship between research and practice through the promotion of new work, publications and collaboration with international arts organizations and universities.

Over the past 15 years, NXT has developed working connections with theatre companies in Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Yugoslavia; as well as in the Republic of Ireland, Canada and the United States; and has performed in Berlin, Bologna, Budapest, Giessen, Rome, Valencia, Boston, Columbus (Ohio), Minneapolis, Washington DC, Toronto and Montreal.

Since its inception, NXT has premiered works by David Mamet (The Woods), Heiner Muller (Quartet), Enzo Cormann (Exiles), David Bown (The Wedding, Stand), Steven Dykes (A Light Gathering of Dust, Kolonists), and Thomas Brussig (Heroes Like Us).

In October 2003, NXT produced the British premiere of Steven Dykes’ The Happiness Compartment at the Greenwich Playhouse and is delighted to announce its return to the venue for The Erotica Project.

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