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Fame turned into a mechanical monster!

Review by David Munro

BASED on Alan Parker's 1980 Film Fame, Fame - The Musical follows the same scenario about the hopes and aspirations of a group of potential actors from the time of their auditions for places at the Manhattan High School of Performing Arts until their graduation.

The musical, however, has a new book and score presumably because copyright restrictions prevented use of the Academy award winning score of the film.

First produced in London in June 1995, it has been constantly revived and toured consistently since then.

The performance I saw last night at Wimbledon of the current tour makes it clear that the show has attained a sort of iconic status.

The audience was young and clearly loved every minute of the evening.

It is, perhaps, therefore somewhat superfluous for me to file a review as, like The Rocky Horror Show, it is self-generating and the audience clearly want the show for itself irrespective of the quality of the production, dancing or singing.

The fact that this production is inept, the dancing in the main clumsy, the singing is often off-key and the lyrics inaudible does not appear to matter.

Once again, noise and movement appear to be the key words that govern entertainment of this nature, rather than quality and taste.

So be it , I shall not waste yours or my time in commenting further other than to say that if you want to see how time and popularity can transform what was a delightful and basically simple show into a mechanical monster, then this is your evening.

Fame - the musical. Conceived and developed by David de Silva. Book by Jose Fernandez; Lyrics by Jacques Levy. Music, Steve Margoshes.
Director, Karen Bruce; Choreographer, Jane Housely; Set designer, Adrian Rees; Lighting, Adrian Barnes; Sound, Gareth Owen; Musical director, Richard Beadle.
CAST: James Haggie; Rachel Hale; Michael Howell; Delia Harris; Craig Stein; Lisa Ritchie; Leila Benn Harris; Ross Baker; Giovanni Spano; Helen Siveter; Mark Holden; Janet Kuman; David Peyton-Bruhl; Dawn Buckland; Kelly Ewins; Emma Green; Fiona Jenae; David Lyons; Angus MacMillan; Nicholas Norman.
Presented by Adam Spiegel and Mark Groucher.
New Wimbledon Theatre, The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1QG.
Mon, Nov 1 - Sat, Nov 6, 2004
Evenings: 7.30pm / Matinees: Thurs & Sat 2.30pm.
Box Office: 0870 060 6646

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