Head Games - a bare necessity?

Preview by Paul Nelson

NAKED, frothy, hilarious - an ailing theatre company decides to stage a gay play, packed with gratuitous nudity, in order to avoid bankruptcy. Will Michael's reputation as a director of serious theatre suffer as a result of putting six naked penises on stage? If he doesn't will he ever have the money to stage another play?

A smash hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Head Games transfers to the Oval House Theatre, from Wednesday, February 12. Head Games is quite simply the rudest, naughtiest, nakedest adult comedy you will ever see.

Michael - an ageing theatre director who's 50 grand in dept, abandons his usual "artsy-fartsy works of art" that nobody bothers to watch - and those that do, don't really understand them. What he really needs is a crowd-pleaser, a good "bums on seats" show that will pack out the theatre, and fill his bank account.

So, Michael decides to stage a naked gay comedy. In his very own words: "We really need the cash, and cocks sell." However, is he selling out?

Head Games takes place on Michael's fortieth birthday. A few friends are having a party for him, and the guest list is anything but dull. Firstly, there's Eddie the naked masseur - who charges £150 an hour to give naked massages - great for birthday boy Michael. Then there's Willy, the twenty-year-old gorgeous actor, who arrives unexpectedly at Michael's party. Why is such a beautiful young man making a play for forty-year-old Michael?

From the moment Head Games begins, you realise you've seen nothing quite like it.

Director, Jeff Moody, always wanted to be an actor and trained at Loughborough University, gaining a degree in English and Drama. He was waylaid by television and graduated from ITN autocue boy to producer on the Selina Scott Show.

He moved to resident weather forecaster on Channel Five and left television to found Strawberry Theatre. Now, with four shows behind him, the company has moved on from a tiny group of friends to one of the main players on the London Fringe. There is a national tour and a major London production in the pipeline.

Head Games, Directed by Jeff Moody, Design by Justin War Turner. Presented by Strawberry Theatre Co. at Oval House, 52-54 Kennington Oval, London SE11 from February 12 to March 1. Tickets 020 7582 7680.

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