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A taste of Edinburgh without the travel expense!

Preview by Paul Nelson

THE amazing news is that you can enjoy the wonders of the Edinburgh Festival without undergoing an eight-hour train journey.

Every August the world descends on Edinburgh in the whirl of unbounded energy, unbounded talent and unbounded alcohol that is the Festival.

Countless hundreds of shows vie for attention, offering a unique blend of world-class talent and young upstarts with strange ideas, rubbing cheek by jowl in a three-week frenzy of live art.

Visiting as an audience member becomes a military campaign, organizing accommodation, travel and finally, what to see.

There is an alternative. The Black Sheep present Jocks Away, a 10-night, 20 show extravaganza at the Broadway Theatre, Catford, where theatregoers can witness the best of Edinburgh comedy without the inconvenient eight-hour journey, the gaggle of students thrusting flyers in your face, and the inexplicable inability to get a decent curry.

Featuring stars such as Daniel Kitson, Hal Cruttenden and Simon Munnery, alongside lesser known acts such as the Black Sheep and Jay Sodagar, plus relatively unknown acts such as ZooFly and Wayward Council, Jocks Away presents an opportunity for comedy lovers to enjoy the rich diversity that is British Comedy today and discover the stars of today and tomorrow.

Twenty shows over 10 nights, all bound for this year's Edinburgh Festival, a mixture of stand-up comedy, sketches, musical and theatre shows, there's something for everyone. Some performers are at the top of their game, some you've never heard of before. The best acts across the board have been given equal billing.

See both shows on any one night for just £10 - so if there's a show you like the sound of, why not take a chance on the other one the same night?

Contact The Broadway for a full season brochure on 020 8690 0002

Jocks Away, The Broadway Studio Theatre, Catford Broadway, Lewisham SE6. Presented by The Black Sheep in Association with Outlaw Theatre July 10 to July 19 at 7.30 and 9.30pm every night. Tickets £8/£6 PER SHOW £10 for BOTH shows per night 020 8690 0002

July 10:

7:30pm Daniel Kitson - A Made Up Story
9:30pm Hal Cruttenden - To Hal and Back

July 11:
7:30pm Simon Munnery - Onward and Upward
9:30pm Mike Gunn - Uncut

July 12:
7:30pm The Black Sheep - Luxury Assortment
9:30pm Nic Ford, Ruth Hine and Dave Parton - Fromage a Trois

July 13:
7:30pm The Warehouse Players - Closer than Ever by Maltby and Shire
9:30pm May Contain Nuts - Committed Exhibitionists

July 14:
7:30pm Stephen K Amos
9:30pm Nick Ball - A Load of Ball

July 15:
7:30pm Laurence and Gus - A History of the World in 51/2 Sketches
9:30pm Wayward Council - Three Men and a Bourbon

July 16:
7:30pm Sol Bernstein - Almost Alive
9:30pm ZooFly Productions - Soft Toys

July 17:
7:30pm Debut Theatre Company - Touched by Fire by Ciaran McConville
9:30pm Company Antics - The Drinking Game

July 18:
7: 30pm Jay Sodagar - Life Ain't Hard
9:30pm Nice Mum - Nice Mum are Chocolate Benders

July 19:
7:30pm The Black Sheep - Luxury Assortment
9:30pm Mirth Control - Bright Sparks

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