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Just Desserts provides a farcical feast for audiences

Review by David Munro

FRENCH farce is always silly but Just Desserts is sillier than most. Bernard discovers his wife, Jacqueline, is having an affair with Robert.

He therefore inveigles Robert into coming to his flat and cons him into bringing his, Robert’s, wife to dinner so he, Bernard, can seduce her .

In fact, Robert brings a prostitute in place of his wife who herself subsequently turns up. By the end of the play, Bernard is entangled with all the women in the cast to his great dismay.

Add a hard done by maid and mix and you have an amusing evening.

Only, I must stress, because the principals, Giles Watling, as Bernard, David Callister as Robert, Malandra Burrows as Barbara the prostitute and Anita Graham as Marie Louise the maid all play their parts with just the right amount of validity to make the absurdities of their respective positions credibly funny and not too over the top.

Anita Graham, in particular, is extremely funny delivering her one liners and complaints with deadly accuracy and making a real character of what so easily could have been a stereotype.

The two wives, Sabina Franklyn (Bernard’s) and Britt Eckland (Robert’s), are only there to propel the plot into even more farcical situations but they provide adequate support for the principals.

Alan Miller-Bunford’s set provides a vista of Paris in the background and the obligatory sofas for the characters to disport themselves on and doors to enter and exit with the apposite rapidity.

The Director, Ian Dickens, keeps the nonsense going with an assured hand and some witty business.

There is really little one can say about farce. It either works or it doesn’t.

It this case it works triumphantly making Just Desserts the appropriate fare for a very enjoyable summer evening out.

Just Desserts by Marc Camelotti. English Version by TudorGates.
Directed by Ian Dickens.
Designer – Allan Miller-Bunford.
Lighting – David North.
CAST: Sabina Franklyn; Giles Watling; Anita Graham; David Callister; Malandra Burrows; Britt Eckland.
Presented by Ian Dickens Productions Ltd.
Richmond Theatre, The Green, Richmond, Surrey TW9 IQJ
Mon 27 June – Sat 2 July 2005
Matinees Wed. & Sat. 2.30pm.
Box Office:- 0870 060 6651.

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