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Make Of Mice and Men the next West End show you see

Review by Paul Nelson

THERE is very little I can add to my colleague’s review of the play Of Mice and Men (q.v.), which is now enjoying a run at the Savoy having moved into town from Richmond Theatre.

Colleague, David Munro, who knows more than do I about television, has come across Matthew Kelly before. I, with no television set, have not.

I can do no more than echo his sentiments about the talent of Mr Kelly. His performance as Lennie is superb.

However, I do have to say Mr Kelly is not alone. There is George Costigan, who brings to real life the character of his namesake and there is Joanna Moseley who is both fetching and touching.

The remaining members of the cast are also throwing their coats into the ring and proving they are more than worthwhile.

I may also say the director, Jonathan Church, deserves to be elevated to heights he has yet to dream of, and the designer, Simon Higlett, likewise.

If you see nothing else between now and Christmas, you must make sure you see this play.

Along with Edward Hall’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Comedy, and After Mrs Rochester, recently closed at the Duke of York’s, the glow of the West End’s theatre lights gives one heart that there is more to the theatre than the mindless spurious tributes to pop stars and groups, grinding out the by now dreary output of their subjects.

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Directed by Jonathan Church, Designer Simon Higlett, Lighting Tim Mitchell, Composer John Tims, Fight Director Terry King. WITH: George Costigan (George), Matthew Kelly (Lennie), David Sterne (Candy), Nick Stringer (Boss), John Flitcroft (Curley), Joanne Moseley (Curley’s Wife), Julian Protheroe (Slim), Neil Philips (Carlson), Tom Silburn (Whit), Tyrone Huggins (Crooks), Andy Chaplin (Ranch Hand), Philip Bulcock (Ranch Hand). Jenny King and Matthew Gale present The Birmingham Repertory Production at the Savoy Theatre, The Strand, London WC2.

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