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Revisited Out of This World seems destined for West End

Review by David Munro

WHEN I originally reviewed Out of This World at Chichester I emphasised that I was only reviewing a preview, and I hoped to see it again when it was set in its run.

I have now had that opportunity and I am delighted to say that I eat my words and withdraw all critical remarks I made in relation to Anne Reid and her performance as Juno.

She has now taken the role firmly into her grasp and wrings every last ounce of humour and wit our of it. She is a joy and the 'oomph' which I missed first time round is now firmly in place and lights up the production as indeed it should.

Her performance is one to treasure and one I am glad to have seen it in all its glory.

The whole production, in fact, is even more delightful than I remembered it, everything moving with even greater pace and sparkle.

I would refer you to my earlier review (which is filed under Theatre on this site) for a more detailed assessment of Cole Porter’s Grecian romp, but suffice it to say here that all that I said there that was good, is now even better.

Nicolas Colicos seems in even finer voice; Richard Dempsey confirms that his comedic and dancing skills should ensure that he has very promising future ahead on the Musical stage; Fiona Dunn gives new lustre to Porter’s soaring ballads - and so on, and so on. Every member of the cast is brilliantly effective and make this show well worth the trip to Chichester.

I hope, as I wrote before, that the next time I see Out of This World, it will be in the West End, where it surely belongs; it is definitely a hit – a palpable hit and one of which Martin Duncan and the Festival theatre can now be justifiably proud.

Out of This World: Book by Dwight Taylor & Reginald Lawrence; revised by Greg MacKellan; Additional material by Jeremy Sams. Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter.
Director, Martin Duncan; Designer, Francis O’Connor; Choreographer, Vanessa Gray; Lighting, Peter Mumford; Sound, Ken Hampton; Music Director, Richard Balcombe.
CAST: Nicolas Colicos; Anne Reid; Richard Dempsey; Anna Lowe; Julie Atherton; Sophie–Louise Dann; Julie Barnes; Alexis Owen-Hobbs; Helen Goldwyn; Daniele Coombs; Steve Elias; Chris Jarman; Dean Hussain; Andrew Spillett; Ahmet Ahmet; George Couyas; Fiona Dunn; Darlene Johnson; Simon Greiff; Clare Foster.
Chichester Festival Theatre, Oaklands Park, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 6AP.
In repertory: April 29 – Sept 25, 2004.
Evenings: Mon – Sat - 7.30pm; Mat: Wed, Thur & Sat – 2pm.
Box Office – 01243 781312

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