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Sedos Theatre Company - Centenary season continues

Story by Jack Foley

AS PART of its ongoing centenary season, SEDOS, the City-based non-professional drama group, has lined up a number of summer and winter events.

From June 21 - 25, 2005, SEDOS will be back at the Bridewell Theatre to present The Eurosedos Song Contest 2005: the Live Final.

This original concept, produced and directed by Deryck High, will see live performances of everyone's favourite Eurovision winning songs by the international artists themselves in original language and costume.

Hosted by Katie Koyle and Terry Wagon, the audience will be invited to cast their votes on a giant scoreboard and decide who will be the winner that night.

It promises to be an unmissable night of fun. For the avoidance of doubt, in the absence of the original artists being available, alternative performers may be substituted.

In August, two one-act plays, Sexual Perversity in Chicago and Six Degrees of Separation will transfer from The Union Theatre, in London, to the Edinburgh Festival.

Controversial, provocative and bitingly funny, David Mamet's classic 1974 play Sexual Perversity in Chicago is a play about four young people looking for love.

The Chicago singles scene is a hotbed of opportunity for Danny and his friend, Bernie, two red-blooded males playing the mating and dating game.

Bars, libraries, beaches – they'll go anywhere that the women are – the very places frequented by smart girls like Joan and Deborah.

John Guare has created a witty, creative, funny and tragic play with his Six Degrees of Separation.

When a young man enters the Fifth Avenue home of Flanders and Ouisa Kittredge claiming to be a friend of their children and son of actor Sidney Poitier, the couple is charmed by his manners, wit and intelligence.

When the Kittredges discover the 'Paul' isn't all he claims to be, they find themselves stuck between embarrassment and fascination.

Finally, in November, Jack the Ripper, the critically acclaimed musical mystery thriller based upon the true and compelling facts of the 1888 murders in London's East End, will be performed at Wiltons Music Hall.

The key word underlying every aspect of the story, both factual and fictional, is 'passion': The passion of lovers… the passion of unrequited love… the passion that underlies obsessively brutal murders… the passion of terror such murders evoke.

Operatic in scope, Dickensian in nature, this is no musical comedy. Rather call it a musical drama that delves deeply into the nature of a shockingly callous society, where the poor are consigned to squalor and members of the wealthy nobility are indifferent unless they are made to look bad.

Other events in the centenary season include workshops throughout the year on various themes and, in November, the SEDOS Moulin Rouge Ball, which will be held in aid of the society's 2005 charity, Remedi.

To find out more about SEDOS and its centenary programme, whether to attend the shows, participate in the workshops or get involved with the society, visit


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