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Theatre community urged to donate to tsunami fund

Story by Jack Foley

TARA Arts, the London-based theatre company which draws on Indian theatre-craft, has invited British theatres, companies and indivuduals to join its appeal for funds to aid the victims of the Asian Tsunami Disaster.

The appeal is particularly focusing on the millions of children and young people in South Asia whose lives have been dramatically altered by the devastating earthquake and tidal wave on December 26, 2004.

Explains Jatinder Verma, artistic director of Tara Arts: "This South Asian tragedy will have touched many of us personally, whether as tourists to some of the most glorious spots on earth or as members of the global extended family.

"We urge the theatre community in Britain to join us in enabling survivors to begin their journeys out of this epic flood."

The arts group has decided to issue an appeal rather than put on a charity gala in view of the urgent need to get funds to the relief work.

Therefore, anyone wishing to contribute should send donations to: Tara Arts Tsunami Appeal c/o Guy Chapman Associates, 33 Southampton Street, WC2E 7HE.

Please make cheque donations payable directly to DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee).

All funds received will be sent directly to the Disaster Emergency Committee for onward distribution to the many aid organisations working on the ground in South Asia.

The Boxing Day Tsunami is now believed to have killed almost 150,000 people.

The biggest task now facing the rescue operation is to prevent further people from dying due to the lack of services, supplies and medical facilities in the affected regions.

Tara Arts was launched in London in 1977 and produces theatre for small, medium and large-scale theatre houses as well as schools.

Drawing on Indian theatre-craft, its production style is visually dynamic, marrying texts with music, movement and costume.

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