Hanks and Culkin re-examine their youth

Preview by Paul Nelson

THIS is our Youth, the play by American playwright and screenwriter Kenneth Lonergan, is set to return to the Garrick Theatre for a continued run, which began on November 13.

The play is set in uptown New York at the dawn of the affluent 1980s. Three teenagers think they know everything and one of them has stolen $15,000 from his father. The kids have a hazy idea about drugs but know a bit more about drink, and now they have one night to spend their ill-gotten gains before they get found out.

The play exposes youth on the brink on the brink of adulthood. It had a sell out season at the Garrick earlier this year, with a change of cast, three young American actors having just broken into films a were so talented it was obvious they were going to break out all over the world's cinemas.

The new cast brings together three more exciting youngsters from Hollywood: Kieran Culkin (of Cider House Rules and the upcoming Igby Goes Down), Colin Hanks (son of Tom, Orange County) and Alison Lohman (White Oleander).

This is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan. Garrick Theatre, 2 Charing Cross Road, WC2 Mondays to Saturdays at 7.30pm Thursday and Saturday matinees at 3.00pm. Tickets 0870 890 1104

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