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Summer 2005 at North London's Tricycle Theatre

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THIS summer, north London's Tricycle Theatre gives theatregoers another chance to see three of its previous hits.

Kick-starting the 2005 season is Brendan Behan's Irish prison drama, The Quare Fellow, which runs for a limited six-week period, from May 25 - July 2.

This is followed by Robin Soans' The Arab-Israeli Cookbook from July 6 - 30.

Soans' work is based on interviews he conducted in September 2003, when he travelled to Israel and the Occupied Territories with the British-Lebanese director, Rima Brihi and British-jewish director, Tim Roseman.

There, he talked to 42 ordinary Israelis and Palestinians - Christians, Jews and Muslims - about life in a land of walls, checkpoints and suicide bombings - all while they were cooking.

The result is The Arab-Israeli Cookbook, complete with the likes of stuffed courgette, Thai stir fry, barbecued goat's testicles, stale bread salad and stuffed vine leaves.

As a matter of interest, Soans' later work, Talking to Terrorists is being staged at the Royal Court from July 4 - 30, 2005 (previews from June 30).

For this, Soan used a similar technique - interviewing terrorists (as well as peacemakers, warriors, hostages, politicians and psychiatrists) in an attempt to understand what drives ordinary people to take such extreme actions.

Completing the Tricycles hat-trick is Mind Games which runs from August 31 - September 17.

This, of course, marks the return of award-winning, American mind-reader, Marc Salem, a behavioural psychologist as well as an entertainer.

He has, in fact, used his academic training and understanding of non-verbal communication as a consultant for the FBI, the New York police and several US corporations.

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