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Ziggy eat your Stardust – Lumsden will be hero for more than one day!

Review by Emma Whitelaw

THE world premiere of Richard Lumsden’s new play, with songs, We Could Be Heroes, now showing at The Bridewell Theatre, is set to wow London audiences.

It is the hilariously light-hearted tale of the life of a struggling musician as he tries to follow in the footsteps of his heroes – Bowie included.

Lumsden tells of his hopes and dreams to become a respected artist much like his idol.

The story takes us on a journey from his geeky high school days, as Deputy Head Boy, his life-long love of a girl with Swiss eyes, through to fatherhood at forty finishing with his greatest musical achievement, his one moment of glory – a gig at the Phoenix Festival!

It is an uplifting, feelgood comedy that propels its audience on the rollercoaster ride that is his life.

It is highly entertaining and the various anecdotes are almost always accompanied by equally brilliant songs, the lyrics of which are hysterical!

My favourite would have to be his Protest Jazz, a glitzy little number that is guaranteed to bring the house down!

Featuring an onstage band, the quality of each song’s performance was also impeccable.

Lumsden is not only a talented guitar player; he also has a fantastic voice and does a remarkable impression of Bowie.

In fact, the likeness is so extraordinary, one could hardly fault it!

Something must also be said about the opening festival performance by Audrey Nugent. She, too, has a superb voice and the lyrical quality of her songs was indeed a pleasure to behold.

The structure of the show is nothing short of brilliant. From the moment you enter the theatre, you’re made to feel as though you are at a festival.

Complete with your usual signs stating 'no stage-diving', festival ushers, a bar next to the stage, amps galore and a fantastic set, this was more than mere theatre – it was a musical extravaganza!

It is, indeed, a tale of epic proportions and certainly one not to be missed!

We Could Be Heroes written and performed by Richard Lumsden. Directed by Graham Hill. Featuring Audrey Nugent, Simon Walters on piano & keyboards, Mark Lloyd on Drums and Mat Elliot on Bass. Presented by Big Nose Productions. November 2 to 20 at the Bridewell Theatre, Bride Lane (off Fleet St), Blackfriars, London EC4Y 8EQ. Box office 020 7936 3456.

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