“What happened last night?” by Warren Bacci

Review by IndieLondon reader Holger Baehr

Last night, Thursday 27th March 2003, I went to see the play “what happened last night?” by Warren Bacci, in the Pleasance Theatre – and it was an interesting, amazing play – with two plots - one portraits the convergence of two young gay men, their “come-out” in a straight and conventional world, their emotional conflict – the second plot is based on trust, drugs and jealousy of three sisters.

The stories are intertwined and come together in a club – with a final surprise-effect. Most critics are unfavourable about the play – call it weak etc, always point out the nude-scenes – etc, but obviously miss the message and point of the play – concentrate only on the “nude” parts as the author, who also happens to be one of the main-actors in the first plot, has managed to send out various messages and signals – which a lot of the audience will recognise, as own experiences in their own life’s when absorbing the whole play.

Yes, it is a play which I would see again – as I am sure that one has missed things the first time round – Warren Bacci is a writer/producer and actor who we will experience many more times in a future to come – he has the touch to see what truly happens out there and to bring it across as a message to all of us, in a very open, subtle but disturbing way.

I feel sorry for all those critics who do not give him the credit he deserves, as they obviously have not sat through the whole play – like last night when one could see one critic disappear after the first part – a book can’t/should not be judged by its cover or only its first 10 pages, to call yourself a critic you should give the writer, producer and all the involved actors the true credit to stay for the whole play.

The actors perform beautifully and even so the subject is not a laughing matter, the actors manage to perform so well and realistic that there are scenes when one simply cannot not laugh. I can only advise everybody to go and see this play – as it has lots of interesting messages and leaves you thinking and discussing afterwards.

Well, as you can see I had an interesting night out – and enjoyed a wonderful meal with my friends in the restaurant attached to the Pleasance Theatre afterwards, another great find!


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