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'Allies' of Old Bond Street

'Allies' of Old Bond Street

Feature by Lizzie Guilfoyle

I WAS introduced to ‘Allies’ by Indielondon’s Jack Foley while on a book assignment in the capital and I immediately fell in love with it.

So, what is it and what makes it so special?

‘Allies’ is a life-size bronze of Sir Winston Churchill sitting on a rather ordinary wooden bench – the sort you and I might relax on in the park – talking to Franklin Roosevelt. And it’s incredibly life-like; right down to Churchill’s hallmark cigar.

It was crafted by Lawrence Holofcener as a tribute to the bond shared by the British Prime Minister and the American President during World War Two, and has stood, somewhat aptly, in a pedestrian area of Old Bond Street since 1995, when it was unveiled by Princess Margaret.

Since then, it has been a favourite with visitors, many of whom find it an irresistible photo opportunity.

Was I one of them? To find out, you’ll have to ask Jack.