Just My Luck - Lindsay Lohan interview

Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck

Compiled by Jack Foley

LINDSAY Lohan discusses her latest film, Just My Luck, as well as the notion of good fortune, fame and her career to date…

Q: Why did you choose Just My Luck?
A: It made sense to me. My fans have not seen me in an older role, playing someone who is out of high school. This film is more mature and leads the way to more mature characters. It’s like a coming of age film for me, you can only act as if you’re in high school for so long. But it was the perfect comedy for me because it’s not a dark film, so I can still keep the fan base that I’ve grown up with. It’s a really lovely movie. It’s my first romantic comedy and I get to kiss the handsome Chris Pine. It has a good message, and I think that’s important. I still have a young audience to look out for and this is acceptable for the younger audience, as well a being interesting for people who are older than me.

Q: How challenging was this role physically?
A: It was challenging because there was a lot of physical comedy and I did all my own stunts. It was fun making the film but everybody thought I would get injured doing the stunts. The funny thing was that the stunts were not a problem, I injured myself when I was just walking down the streets of New York in a pair of stilettos and twisted my ankle!

Q: What’s the luckiest thing that has happened to you in your life?
A: It was probably getting my first film, The Parent Trap, but every day lucky things happen to me. I feel very lucky and blessed to be doing what I love to do in my life.

Q: Are you superstitious?
A: Yes. I don’t put hats or shoes on the bed, I don’t cross the path of black cats and I will not walk under a ladder – ever. On the movie they had a black cat and I am allergic to cats so that was difficult. The cat really scared me because it did cross my path in one of the scenes. I had to remind myself that I was actually acting, this was not real life. I do wear lucky charms, I wear these snake bracelets all the time and I have a lot of good luck charms. I have a charm from my grandfather and my little sister is my good luck charm too.

Q: How do you look after yourself when you are so busy with your career?
A: I have to make sure to take time out for myself and take care of myself. I like to relax with friends at home. But I find that hard. I always try to please everyone else because I am a giver, not a taker. And I take my fans seriously, I want them to enjoy the films that I do, I want to make them laugh. I’m an entertainer by nature, so I sometimes forget that I need to take time out for myself.

Q: How do you feel about turning 20?
A: I’m scared. I can’t use being a teenager as an excuse any more. I feel older than 20 because I just feel that I’ve been around adults my whole life. I’ve had a lot of responsibilities, be it with my family or my personal life. I’ve had a job for so long. So it’s strange to be turning 20.

Q: Some people suggest that you party too much. What’s your reaction?
A: It’s unfair because I don’t even know the people who say those things. You come into the industry and you know people are going to say negative things about you. You know you are going to be in the papers; therefore you have certain expectations of what people will say. They are always going to have their own opinion and drama happens to sell newspapers. I used to read the things they wrote about Britney Spears. But for me now, I take everything with a grain of salt. I just laugh about it. I enjoy being with my friends and on my time off, I like to go out with my friends, so I just expect the worst. And then when they don’t say anything, I’m just really happy because I get sick of reading about myself sometimes. But usually I just go out with friends and dance, I don’t party as much as they say I do. I’d rather go out in New York or London because I feel safer. People don’t care as much about seeing me, from what I’ve noticed. People don’t talk about film, they talk more about the fashion industry if anything.

Q: What kind of false stories have your heard that made you angry or amused?
A: The funniest and most ridiculous was that I had breast implants. I am very honest, so if something is true I don’t mind telling people. I’m a big believer in karma so I believe it will come back and get you if you lie. The only thing you can do is laugh. I will be the first to call into a radio station and let people know if lies have been written or reported about me. I have a younger sister so that is important to me; she’s in school with her friends hearing negative things about me and it’s worrying. I don’t want her and friends to hear those things. It means a lot to me.

Q: How do you maintain your normality being so famous?
A: If you surround yourself with people who treat you normally, it’s fine. I have a great family and great group of friends and I consider myself a pretty humble person.

Q: What music do you listen to?
A: I love The Arctic Monkeys, Gwen Stefani, and obviously I love The Beatles – all kinds of music.

Q: There have been so many stories about your weight and concerns that you were getting too thin; do you worry about staying slim?
A: I feel great about my body now. I went to the hospital a while ago because I was overworking and stressed out and that’s when they started talking about my weight. But I was hitting puberty. Because I’ve been in the public eye for 15 years, people have watched me grow, just as parents watch their children and their bodies change. I dyed my hair blonde so that was drastic and I was coming into my own skin, learning how to eat healthier. People are always looking for the dramatic side of things, the negative side but nobody wants to see the positive. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I like having a shape and having breasts the size they are naturally [laughs].

Q: What do you enjoy eating?
A: I eat all types of food. I just ordered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich randomly, right before I came down here to meet you. It’s probably sitting up in my room. I really want it because I feel like being childish. I like McDonalds and I love sushi. I like all kinds of food. I would say to teenage girls: “Eat whatever you want, because the more you try to not eat, the more you will eat.” I will never be able to do the ‘no carbohydrates diet’ or do without sugar.

Q: What’s a typical day in the life of Lindsay Lohan?
A: I sit in my room for a few hours and keep saying: “I am going to meet a friend for lunch.” It takes me a few hours to get out of the room. I have become so much of a homebody, I don’t want to drive and risk getting in a car accident.

Q: There is the perception that you don’t get along with all the other young Hollywood stars?
A. I’m cool with everyone. I’m friends with Jessica Simpson; the stories about us feuding are not true, everything is fine. I don’t engage in drama. I have only met Hilary Duff twice and there are rumors that we do not like each other, but that’s not true. We share the same friends. We’re all friends.

Q: Your next film is A Prairie Home Companion based on an adaptation of author Garrison Keillor’s long-running radio show of the same name. Why did you pick that one, it must be exciting?
A: Would you turn down a movie with Robert Altman directing and Meryl Streep playing your mother? I wouldn’t recommend doing that. At first, I wasn’t aware of exactly what the film and the story was all about, but my grandmother explained it to me and then I heard Meryl Streep’s name and then I heard about Michelle Pfeiffer and I couldn’t believe it. And they said: “We want you to be Meryl Streep’s daughter.” So it was amazing, a wonderful experience and it was nice to be able to sing, I really enjoyed that. Robert Altman obviously has a way of incorporating comedy and the darker side in films and it’s kind of a creepy movie in its own way, but it’s still really funny.

Q. What was Meryl Streep like to work with?
A: She’s extraordinary. She taught me so much. She doesn’t get in a bad mood. It’s normal to have a bad day but she always has a smile on her face and says “hi” to all the crewmembers and genuinely appreciates being there. I respect that so much because that’s how I’d like to be. She’s a great role model for me. I want to be known for my art and not which guys I date and that kind of thing.

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