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Top 3 movie themed online slots

Man of Steel

Feature by Jack Foley

IF YOU’RE fond of watching films as well as playing online casino games, there could be nothing better than an entertainment option that offers you both of them! A large majority of the new age online casinos feature a good number of online slot machines themed around popular Hollywood films.

These online slots are produced after obtaining pertinent licenses from producers, allowing the developers to create impressive slot games featuring authentic music, video clips and images from the actual film. For instance, you can go through these new casino sites for UK players, many of which have such movie themed online slots in their libraries.

Let’s now take you through the top 3 movie themed online slots you should definitely check out and play!

Man of Steel

One of the prominent slot games in the Playtech’s DC superheroes jackpot series, Man of Steel online slot game is based on the film of the same name that proved to be a major hit in 2013.

The movie rebooted the Superman series and retold how the man of steel came into being. The slot game on the other hand offers eye-catching graphics, intense music and exciting gameplay.

You’ll get to see all the prominent characters including Barry White, Jonathan Kent’s, Martha and Henry Cavill as symbols on the reels. There are 25 pay lines which expand to 50 during the Krypton free games, offering 10 locked wilds and higher paying symbols. What more, any of the spins can lead to the jackpot game, with the possibility of winning 1 to 4 mystery progressive jackpots!

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Planet of the Apes

Developed by NetEnt who are well known for the amazing sound effects and graphics they offer in their online slot games, as well as innovative gameplay and features, Planet of the Apes online slot is based on the hit Hollywood films Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and is licensed by 20th Century Fox.

One of the innovative features of the game is couple of 3 × 5 slots that are played side-by-side. Both correspond to the two films in the series, featuring characters from each one of them.

The game also offers a stacked wild feature and the Dual feature, impacting both the play areas.



A comparatively new online slot game, this one has been developed by Microgaming and is based on the 1978 hit starring Jamie Lee Curtis and directed by John Carpenter. If you recall, the film was based on Michael Myers and how he went on a murderous spree.

This online slot game offers a scary and spooky atmosphere, courtesy its special features and the eerie soundtrack. You can even spot a masked Myers lurking around in the rear, as you spin the reels.

There is a ‘Trick or Treat Wheel Bonus’ in the game, giving you a chance to win cash prizes of up to 10 times your overall bet, until you hit the Boogeyman Bonus or Free Spins.

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