dEUS - Vantage Point

dEUS, Vantage Point

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

BELGIAN outfit dEUS return with Vantage Point and it’s a typically difficult album to pigeonhole – but that’s a good thing.

Featuring Karin Adersson from The Knife and Elbow’s Guy Garvey, it’s another adventurous creation that embraces a variety of styles, whether its prog-rock, experimental, disco punk or just plain rock-pop.

Fans will lap it up, while newcomers may well want to find out more too. It’s that kind of release – and one that deserves to triumph because of its boldness.

The songs fly thick and fast and very few repeat the same territory. Album opener When She Comes Down kicks things off in suitably moody fashion, the guitar licks reminiscent of Pink Floyd, while the vocals assume almost a whisper. It boasts a cinematic quality that’s really quite appealing.

The pace is upped considerably on the incessant Oh Your God, where the guitars in particular thrill and showcase the band at their most aggressive, before they change pace completely for the love song Eternal Woman, an assured mid-tempo ballad that’s not ashamed to pander to radio-friendly values, complete with soothing female backing vocals and the odd “oooh oooh”.

Favourite Game is a disco-punk effort that marks one of the few odd moments of indifference, but Slow and The Architect bolster the album considerably and really do excite.

Smokers Reflect offers another highlight, and another example of how dEUS can effortlessly change pace and come over all mellow, while their storytelling credentials are exemplified in the epic slow-burner The Vanishing Of Maria Schneider.

And Popular Culture even contains a trace of the REM and The Pixies about it, rounding things off in style with some suitably sly lyrical observations and the suggestion that dEUS are finally ready to move away from the leftfield and embrace the mainstream as well. It would be no more than they deserve for an album of this diversity and quality.

Download picks: Popular Culture, Eternal Woman, Smokers Reflect, Slow, The Architect, When She Comes Down

Track listing:

  1. When She Comes Down
  2. Oh Your God
  3. Eternal Woman
  4. Favourite Game
  5. Slow
  6. Architect
  7. Is a Robot
  8. Smokers Reflect
  9. Vanishing Of Maria Schneider
  10. Popular Culture