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How London Could Benefit from Vegas-like Casino Residencies for Top Music Acts

Lady Gaga

Story by Jack Foley

Throughout the last few years, the world’s indie music scene has reached new heights with the genre’s record labels now accounting for 39.9 percent of the global recorded music market in 2017. While the scene itself is unquestionably thriving, there is still scope to develop the genre’s platform further within modern-day society.

As a result of the fact that London has a substantial indie scene, we’re going to consider whether England’s capital would benefit from adopting a Vegas-oriented approach whereby top music acts perform at popular casino residencies.

A Further Stage on Which to Perform

For a long period of time, Vegas-based casinos have not just been about offering a wide array of traditional table games with their focus also being centred around entertainment. Unlike in the United Kingdom, casinos in Las Vegas have long provided a platform for some of the world’s biggest and best-known music stars to perform on and further their music careers by reaching broader audiences.

Although the platform can be beneficial to up-and-coming acts, stars such as Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey are set to take to the stage in the next few months. Establishments including the Park Theatre at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino are continuing to promote top music acts.

Furthermore, with concert residency being significant within Las Vegas, as highlighted by Lady Gaga’s recent expansion hints, artists and audiences alike are reaping the benefits of such a structure with each respectively being given a platform on which to perform and watch shows from a consistent location.

Although casinos in London have yet to adopt this musical approach, the consistency and popularity of UK-based online casinos demonstrate that live entertainment could, in the future, succeed within in-house establishments.

Similarly to concert residency, at Paddy Power, users can play online Casino Blackjack and win real money across numerous variants of the traditional table game from one location. If such an approach can succeed from a digital standpoint, then there is evidence to suggest that England’s capital wouldn’t benefit from a music-based residency model.

London-based Indie Bands

Arctic Monkeys. Photo by Zackery Michael

In recent times, the United Kingdom has been the home to some of the world’s biggest indie bands, including the Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs. Following the successes of such bands without a Vegas-based residency structure in place, it does beg the question as to just how beneficial such a model could be going forward.

While many of the breakthrough artists have risen to fame through performing at local clubs throughout the city, a Vegas-like approach would ensure a further platform for artists of all ages to perform on. Although musical trends continue to change, casino residency in London would allow some of the city’s most iconic acts of the decade like Bloc Party, Bombay Bicycle Club and The xx to consistently perform to local fans.

Consistency Could Be the Key to Long-Term Indie Growth in London

While there are no doubts that indie music is flourishing on a global level, London could still reap the rewards of adopting a Vegas-like residency structure. Through offering yearly shows to some of the top music artists in one consistent location, there is little reason why this wouldn’t prove beneficial to growing the indie music scene in the capital.