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Our Planet Live concerts to donate net profits to WWF’s global Our Planet initiatives

Our Planet Live

Story by Jack Foley

THE forthcoming Our Planet Live in Concert shows in London and Glasgow will be committed to reducing the environmental impact of its events and touring.

Hence, all net profits from the Our Planet live project will be donated to WWF’s global Our Planet education and awareness initiatives. These include providing a wealth of educational materials for schools and young people, with the aim to inspire and motivate the next generation to protect our planet.

There will also be a discretionary environmental levy on all ticket purchases. All proceeds from this levy will be used to help fight deforestation and conserve forests by supporting the Trillion Trees programme, a joint venture between WWF, BirdLife International and Wildlife Conservation Society.

The discretionary donations from each ticket purchased will be helping to restore some of the world’s great forests. If every audience member across the two shows donated just £1, nearly 5,000 trees could be planted in precious landscapes such as Kenya and Tanzania, or over 2,000 trees in the Amazon.

The landmark eight-part Our Planet documentary series is being reimagined into a two-hour arena show with beautiful visual and sound effects and will be accompanied by a breath-taking 66-piece orchestra and live vocalist, the magnificent Lisa Hannigan.

Three giant screens will present the incredible cinematography of Our Planet on a scale that has never been seen before, allowing audiences to be fully immersed into the wonders of earth’s wildlife and their habitats. Intelligent lighting will heighten the visual experience beyond the screens and around the arena, programmed to run in sync with the footage.

The international tour will begin in London’s The O2 on Sunday, October 18, 2020 and Glasgow’s SSE Hydro on Monday, October 19, 2020.

Creators of the series hope to bring audiences closer to the natural world with the environmentally-friendly live arena show, narrated on screen by Sir David Attenborough.

Ahead of arena spectacular, Our Planet Live in Concert, new global research has been released documenting how the Netflix series Our Planet has cemented urgency of the climate and nature crisis.

A new global survey* has revealed that 67% of Our Planet viewers say the series made them realise just how urgent environmental issues are, with 58% feeling more connected to the issues as a result.

The trusted voice of Sir David Attenborough, which won the documentary series an Emmy® for ‘Outstanding Narration’, resonated with many viewers who attributed his influence in part to their positive engagement with the series and the environmental issues raised.

Climate related stories were among the most memorable of those recalled by viewers, including the poignant and distressing scenes linked to polar bears, walruses and protecting the Arctic – an area of conservation that less than a quarter (23%) of UK respondents said they had prior knowledge of.

Of those surveyed in four countries including Brazil, Colombia, UK and the US, the UK respondents felt they had the lowest level of knowledge around environmental issues and felt the least affected by the impacts of climate change, flooding and wildlife decline. However, almost half (46%) of UK respondents said the biggest problem they are currently faced with is litter and waste, as well as air pollution (27%) and erratic weather patterns (23%).

Tickets for Our Planet Live in Concert are on sale now and can be purchased via Ticketmaster.

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