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Gold Digger: The Complete Series - Preview

Gold Digger

Preview by Jack Foley

NOT everything is as it seems in tense thriller Gold Digger – starring Primetime Emmy® winner Julia Ormond (Mad Men) – making her British television debut in a lead role – and Ben Barnes (Westworld, The Punisher).

The story focuses on a wealthy woman who falls in love with a much younger man and the impact this has on her already damaged family.

Mother first, wife second and woman last, 60-year-old Julia (Ormond) has spent her whole life putting the needs of others before her own. Then she meets Benjamin (Barnes), a handsome 30-something copywriter with a shrouded history.

Aware of their mother’s wealth, Ben’s intentions are immediately put into question by Julia’s own children. As the drama unfolds, the consequences of their relationship are explored, as devastating secrets from the past tear the family’s fragile bonds further apart.

Has Julia finally found the happiness she’s always deserved? Or is the complex and enigmatic Benjamin really the gold digger her family think he is?

Gold Digger (cert. 15) is a contemporary, character-driven relationship thriller filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Gold Digger was written and created by Marnie Dickens and co-directed by Vanessa Caswill and David Evans. It co-stars Alex Jennings, Jemima Rooper and Sebastian Armesto.

Gold Digger is distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment and available to pre-order from and iTunes. It is released on DVD from December 30, 2019.