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Have you caught these two Netflix and Amazon Prime series yet? They're unmissable


Feature by Jack Foley

THE perfect night in can be one of a number of things – whether you do it alone, with your significant other, with family or with a group of friends. There’s food to be eaten, from pizza to Indian, Chinese or even good old fashioned home cooking. However, the biggest part of the night is the entertainment.

Whether it’s deploying a board game or an online quiz there are ways to delve into your competitive side. Perhaps the most common activity is to flick on Netflix or Amazon Prime to get lost into a world of binging in the best the platforms have to offer. It’s easy to get lost in the numerous series available, but we’ll break down two of the best available for customers of Netflix and Prime.

Mindhunter Series 1-2 (Netflix)

Television shows about crime – and more specifically serial killers – always seem to be popular and well recommend. It perhaps says something about the human psyche for the thrill of the macabre and certainly, the series offers that sense of tension and thrill that people tend to seek in all types of media: we go to the cinema to catch scary films like IT or The Cured; we play videogames, such as Alone in the Dark or Resident Evil; even when we head to play online bingo, games like police chase-themed Cop the Lot or the Ghosts of Christmas Scratchcard play on motifs that have long been associated with the thrill to capture our imagination as players.

The series Mindhunter provides a look into the dark minds of some of the most notorious murderers in US history through the fictional characters FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench. The series is based around their attempts to help solve ongoing investigations by interviewing criminals to gain access into a mind of a serial killer – with one terrifying one-on-one with Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton).

The action is thrilling and brilliantly played by leads Jonathan Groff (Ford) and Holt McCallany (Tench), portraying an interesting relationship between the two senior male characters. Ford is the innovative young agent, while Tench is slightly more old-school but still receptive to development of the Behaviour Science Unit. Calming the tension between the two agents is psychology professor Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), who joins the unit as an advisor.

The success and failures of their research in season one hinge on whether the team will be allowed to continue. It’s gripping from start-to-finish and you’ll certainly get your way through the 10-episode first series in no time.

The Man In The High Castle Series 1-3 (Amazon Prime)

The Man in The High Castle

The series raises the questions what if the Allies lost the Second World War. The viewer is plunged into an alternate reality in 1960s San Francisco and New York where the Nazis and the Japanese Empire have conquered the world and have split control of the United States.

The protagonist of the series is Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos), who is thrown into a world of revolution alongside her boyfriend Frank Fink (Rupert Evans).

A tape displaying the Allies’ victory over the Axis Powers falls into her hands after the death of her sister. Juliana becomes a hunted woman and is forced to flee towards the neutral zone in the Rocky Mountains. There she meets Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank), and a confusing relationship begins between the pair, with Blake not disclosing his past and link to the Nazis and John Smith (Rufus Sewell). The series is intriguing and action-packed, with slight variations into supernatural. The question looms large, who is the man in the high castle?

You’ll certainly work through the episodes as the acting is solid, although Davalos and Sewell are the strongest players in the cast. However, the main intrigue over the series is the mystery behind the film and its owner. There have been a lot of twists and turns over the three series so if you surge through them you’ll be just in time to catch the fourth series before it’s released in November.

There’s more than enough entertainment within the two series and you can even debate, with your friends and family which one provided the most chills or thrilling outcome.