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The Actors - Dylan Moran Q&A

Compiled by: Katherine Kaminsky

Q. Did your interpretation of Clive bear any resemblance to a young Michael Caine?
No, the thought did pass through my mind, but due to the fact that of the forty million Michael Caine impersonators currently walking the planet, mine would rate very very low, I didn’t.

Q. There’s a wonderful moment when the whole company does a Nazi salute to the audience, is it easy for both of you to act bad Shakespeare?
I didn’t have any trouble finding a way in.
MC. Me neither, I did very well I thought. One of the reasons I did this was because I thought that to do bad Richard III would be such a laugh.

Q. How difficult was it to be surrounded by the Sir Michaels (Caine and Gambon)
I was so far out of my depth there was nothing to do except concentrate all the time. Also, if I got nervous, a thing that would get you through it is the fact that everybody else around you would look after you because they're so experienced and so relaxed that they make it easier for you.

Sir Michael: I remember when I was a young, very nervous actor, an assistant came up to me and said, ‘Why are you nervous? Every single person you see in this room is absolutely dedicated to making you look good on screen, that’s what we’re here for, to make you look good on screen, so what the hell are you nervous about?’ It still didn’t work!

Q. Did you enjoy dressing up?
DM. Yes, I love dressing up. As long as I don’t have to go to the shop. I had a great time, yes. It’s what stopped me from being nervous, because I had to concentrate on being a different character.

Q. Were you tempted to stay in costume and go out to see the reaction?
Err, no, I have a life.

Q. Do people treat you differently when you go back home and how do you see you’re career going?
I’m not aware of being treated differently, and as for my career, I never really looked upon it as a career. As Michael said, I think it’s more a question of the phone ringing, but I don’t hang around for the phone calls.

Q. Dylan, would you like to pursue more movies?
As I said before, that’s really not up to me, it is a question of getting the call.

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