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A Lot Like Love - Amanda Peet interview

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q: Your character, Emily, has a definite New York look and style at the start of the movie, did you ever dress like her?
I grew up in New York and I went through a big ‘Goth’ phase wearing black. I definitely fancied myself to be a downtown hipster arty type of person.
I was actually a prude in high school, I did my homework and went to college and worked hard and was pretty normal. But I definitely identified with Emily and how she saw herself as artistic and tough.

Q: What are you like in relationships, do you wait for the guy to call or do you make the first move?
I try not to plan too much and I do not have rules like ‘do not call him back until the third day’. Blah blah blah. No I do not do any of that. I like to let things happen and take their course.

Q: What does love mean to you?
The idea of the movie is that they do have real love but dance around it and keep moving around and traveling before committing to each other, but the love is always there.

Q: Why do you think Emily is so wary of getting involved with Oliver right away?
I think it is to do with being young and wanting to appear cool. The younger you are I think you are more likely to be concerned about having some kind of ‘cool’ persona, rather being who you are and just getting involved.
Some people, who have suffered a loss like my character, are afraid of certain kinds of people. She is afraid of Ashton’s character, who is vulnerable and earnest and direct. People like Emily prefer someone who is more aloof and harder to get, because that would make them feel safer.

Q: Why did you find the movie so interesting?
What appealed to me about the movie was the combative beginning. She likes him despite herself. I think this film is exciting because it is an old fashioned romantic comedy. She thinks that she is better than him. And underneath there is a great sizzle and fire percolating.

Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?
I personally do not believe in love at first sight. I definitely believe in chemistry and lust at first sight. But I think love is something that takes work. You can see in the movie that timing is important, timing is everything. Both people have to be ready and open and I think that is what the movie is about.

Q: Do you enjoy fashion, you look great?
I love fashion, I think it is fun. Being in this business, I think it is part of the glamour, getting dressed up and going to a premiere. It probably fulfills an adolescent fantasy. The outfit I am wearing is by Gaultier.

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