Bend It Like Beckham - Special Event

Story by Jack Foley

THE Clapham Picture House has announced that it is to hold a special Q&A session with Bend It Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha, after a screening of her movie on Thursday, April 18 at 6.40pm.

Chadha is the acclaimed director of films such as What's Cooking? and Bhaji on the Beach, and the Q&A session will enable the audience to ask questions about her work.

The director made her big screen debut eight years ago with the acclaimed Bhaji on the Beach and the same sense of fun and delightful character observation are evident in her latest, Bend It Like Beckham.

Following Bhaji and East Is East, the film centres on young British Asians trying to juggle their parents' expectations with life in contemporary Britain.

Despite her parents' best efforts to teach her to cook decent chapattis and find a nice boyfriend, Jesse has one big love in her life - football and, in particular, David Beckham and the way he can bend a ball around a wall and into the net.

She is no mean football player herself and the chance to swap kick abouts in the park with playing on an amateur girls team is too good to miss, even when it brings her into conflict with her parents and the huge Punjabi wedding being planned by her sister. Life affirming, full of energy and enormous fun, the film has already won rave reviews from a certain Mr and Mrs Beckham who liked it so much that they asked to make a cameo, replacing the look-alikes who first appeared in the original.

To find out more about this special event, click through to the Clapham Picture House website using the central link button. The button on the right will take you through to the film's website.

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