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Blue Crush (12A)

Review by: Simon Bell | Rating: One

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Director’s commentary; Star’s commentary; Making of featurette; 'Inside The World of Surfing' featurette; 'Filming Blue Crush' featurette; 'The Female Surfing Revolution' featurette; 'Wipeout!' featurette; 'Surf Fashion' featurette; 'If I Could Fall In Love' Lenny Kravitz music video; Deleted scenes; Cast and filmmaker biographies; ROM content.

IT PICKS up the tale of surfer girl Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth – on screens elsewhere at the moment in Rules of Attraction as a slutty student who seduces men with her bright pink lipstick), riding the white horse as day breaks, cleaning hotel rooms 9 to 5 and dreaming of winning a Masters competition all the while… One long pipe dream so to speak.

There’s just a couple of things that block her path to success and the trappings of a famous surfer: A bullying ex-boyfriend and his wrong-side-of-the-tracks crew; a fear of the big breakers coz of an old, near fatal accident; an out of control younger sister for whom she’s the only real mother; and the arrival in town of a perfectly-chiselled and very rich professional football player.

Hawaiian locations it has in spades, which - together with the frequent sequences of stunning water photography - is the main pull for this movie. But basically this is like watching 104 minutes of Transworld Sport… occasionally interrupted by a bit of story and even more gratuitous and fetishistic lingering on chicks in their bikinis.

The central foursome are supposedly tough, independent, seen-it-all young women (they live without the love and attention of a stable dual parentage, don’t need boys, tell teachers: “like, whatever…!” and eat pizza). Yet the site of a used condom on the floor of a hotel suite sends them into the kind of squealing disgust that makes you wonder how they’d deal with taking one out the packet and putting the damn thing on…

In the end, the film has too may wipe outs of it’s own and looks set to appeal only to those signed up to the S Club fan club (and their Dads).

Will it make waves at the box office…? “If you want to feel the rush, you have to take the risk” beams the poster. Risk indeed. It’s a wash out. But did I mention the chicks in bikinis…?

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