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Bollywood Queen (PG)

Review by: Graeme Kay | Rating: Two

EXUBERANT Bollywood love story set in the East End of London.

Geena (Preeya Kalidas) is the daughter of a successful Indian businessman who runs a clothes-making factory in the Brick Lane area of London. She is pretty, she is stylish and she is most definitely third-generation Anglo-Asian.

Okay, she wears a Sari when she’s working in the family shop, but she’s got jeans and trainers on underneath.

Oh yeah, and she and her friends have formed a three-piece R&B group which she has to keep secret from her tradition bound folks and over-protective brothers.

So life is already pretty complicated, and it gets even more so when Geena is, literally, bowled over in the street by Jay (James McAvoy), a West-country white boy who has travelled up to the big smoke in search of adventure.

It’s love at first sight, but, of course, its not going to be easy, because for one thing there’s the race thing; for another, Geena is virtually engaged to a nice Indian boy who’s doing very well for himself, while Jay has little more to his name than the clothes he stands up in; and, for a third, Jay and his slippery brother work for Geena’s dad’s bitterest business rival.

But destiny cannot be thwarted and after several clandestine trysts Geena has dumped the lump, much to the distress of her aunties, thrown in her lot with Jay, and run off to the country.

However, for all her rebelliousness Geena is still a dutiful daughter and she soon realises that she must go back to London to make the peace with her family. But will they take her back? Things are about to get interesting….

Directed by Jeremy Wooding, making his feature film debut, Bollywood Queen, has all the ingredients of a classic Bollywood film; the star-crossed lovers, feuding families and extravagant all-singing, all-dancing set-pieces.

But in its setting and styling it’s thoroughly contemporary and great to watch. See it for a fun night out. Then go for a curry.

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