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Catwoman - Denise Di Novi Q&A (Producer)

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. You have kind of got involved with the Catwoman character before, was that something that was on your mind?
Yeah, when I saw how people reacted to the Catwoman character, and how she was such an iconic character, I really wanted her to have her own movie. I wanted to show the origins of Catwoman and really take a whole film to record the character. The time seemed right to do it.

Q. Were you disappointed in the opening box office weekend, given all the pressure on producers these days?
Honestly, yes, I think we weren’t expecting Bourne Supremacy to be the biggest movie of the Summer. But we’re holding quite well and we’re hanging in there. You know, when I started in this business, a $17 million weekend was a dream come true, so I’m pretty happy with it. There are movies that have done much worse this Summer, so even though it wasn’t a blockbuster, we had a respectable opening and I’m optimistic that the movie will hang in there for the rest of the Summer.

Q. Do you think the public will lose interest in super-heroes?
No, not at all. All the indications are that they just want more and more of them. There’s a lot being made and some research was done into this decision to make these films and I think there are modern fables and myths, and this is our version of how we do them. When they hit, they hit on a very resonant level with people. So few of them fail miserably that you can guarantee that there will be many more to come.

Q. What was your favourite comic book character as a kid? And which comic book character would you still like to play, perhaps?
I always liked Catwoman, she was always the one I could relate to. Most of them were men, and Wonder Woman was a little too goodie-goodie. But Catwoman I really identified with as a little girl.

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