Five short films you won't want to miss!

Story by Jack Foley

FIVE exciting short films will be premiered at the Curzon Soho, as part of the ‘Completion Fund Scheme’, on Monday, April 7, in what promises to be an excellent showcase for some of the emerging names in British cinema.

The scheme is jointly financed by the Film Council's New Cinema Fund and Filmfour Lab to help filmmakers and production companies complete short film projects that have already been shot, but lack the funds to finish.

Maya Vision International is the managing company responsible for the short-listing, selecting and delivery of the films. The five films are:

OZONE - It’s the year 2050 - pork and dairy are illegal, soy has saved the planet and states have finally given way to corporations. The human race is liberated and given it’s ultimate freedom: the Freedom from Choice. But what about when you want a little something that’s not on the menu? You will always need an invitation to the 200th floor. Ozone is written and directed by Nick Brooks and Laura Kelly, who have an extensive background in designing visual effects, and have worked on films including The Matrix, Judge Dredd, Fight Club and Blade II. Ozone was shot in Prague in the National Mausoleum and stars the respected Czech theatre actor Karel Dobry.

DIVINE - Life’s not so good for ten-year-old Angeline (Hannah McLeod), her family ignore her in favour of her football mad brother while school is not much better. There she spends her time being tormented by a pint-sized hard nut with a penchant for big dresses while also fending off advances from the class Lothario. To find an escape from all this madness she looks for a bit of heavenly inspiration. Divine is written and directed by Angela Murray and produced by Rebecca Knapp. Angela was one of the winners of the DNA Films/Scottish Screen First Draft Competition with her feature script The Book Carriers. Divine has already won the audience award at both Peepshow, London 2003 and Blue Room, Edinburgh 2002, as well as receiving several nominations for the Scottish BAFTA New Talent Awards 2002. Since Divine, Angela has completed her third short film The Choir for CBBC Scotland and Scottish Screen.

FRIDAY NIGHT IN - At her civilised dinner party Jenny delights in telling her friends all about her new relationship. Cheryl is not so happy – desperate for sex, having drunk a little too much wine and being unable to listen to the drone of domestic bliss any longer, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She checks her make-up and leaves in search of a little non-committal one-to one. The film is writer / director Ruth Coulson’s debut film and stars Richard Coyle (Topsy Turvy, Human Traffic), Flora Montgomery (When Brendan Met Trudy, ‘Metropolis’), Claire Goose (‘Casualty’, ‘Waking the Dead’) and Tam Williams (‘Killer Net’).

LIST3 - Two men (pictured right) in a bar talking about lists. Who are they? Are they in fact the same person arguing with themselves? A metaphysical puzzle wrapped in a conundrum that focuses on the duality of an individual on the verge of a break-up with his girlfriend. List is written and directed by DW Mault, who started his career in film criticism. For the last four years Mault has been writing his own screenplays and is currently writing a feature Paris DV which he intends to direct. List is produced by Solon Papadopoulos (‘Warship’) and stars Jack Marsden (Cops, My Kingdom) and Scot Williams (Backbeat, Tulse Luper Suitcases).

DAY OF THE SUBGENIUS - is a 7-minute mixed media animation set in a present day metropolis. It is inspired by and incorporates ‘The Brag of the Sub Genius’, a manifesto for the legendary ‘anti-cult cult The Church of the Sub Genius’. The director Chris Hopewell began his career working as a graphic artist for a number of ground breaking magazines world wide, and became editor of the award-winning cult surrealist magazine ‘Bugs & Drugs’ before moving into film. Chris has written scripts for successful radio and TV comedy programs and has spent the last two years on Bolexbrothers productions, including the highly anticipated Magic Roundabout. The Day of the Subgenius is Hopewell’s first film.

The Completion Fund is part of an exciting programme of four schemes set up by the New Cinema Fund and FilmFour Lab, encouraging directors, producers and creative talent to push their artistic boundaries. The four schemes are: Cinema Extreme, Comedy, Viro and The Completion Fund.

The films above will be screened at the Curzon Soho, on April 7, from 6pm. Admission costs £3. Booking Line: 0871 871 0022.