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The Consequences of Love (Le Conseguenze Dell'Amore) (15)

Review by: Jack Foley | Rating: Two

DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: Theatrical trailer. Filmographies. Paolo Sorrentino interview.

TITTA di Girolamo (Toni Sorvillo), a former stockbroker, spends his days sitting solemnly in the lobby of a Swiss-Italian hotel, observing the guests that come and go - especially the beautiful barmaid, Sofia (Olivia Magnani).

He is a man of impeccable poise and poker-faced intensity, surrounded by secrecy, who quietly yearns for something more in his life.

Yet if he opens up to Sofia, his ordered existence might start to unfold, and it is up to Titta to decide whether such consequences of love are worth risking, especially at this late stage in his life?

Paolo Sorrentino’s mesmerising thriller is a riveting character study packed with hidden twists that boasts an astonishing lead performance from Servillo.

It unfolds meticulously and you won’t always know where the film is taking you, but that merely adds to the enjoyment given that the genre only becomes apparent once the film has passed the hour mark.

Director, Sorrentino, proves a dab hand at playing his cards close to his chest, providing only brief glimpses into Titta's life, and punctuating them with injections of pace courtesy of a distinct soundtrack.

Hence, his film operates as an intriguing insight into the loneliness of man, an offbeat love story and a taut psychological thriller, with Servillo the focal point and biggest reason for seeing it.

The consequence of not seeing this first-rate thriller would be to miss out on what will undoubtedly become one of the best-kept secrets of the year.

(In Italian, with subtitles; 104 minutes)

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