Enough (15)

Review by Toby Gregory

IN MY experiences, film critics don't always get it right. Films are very personal and can't satisfy every viewer's taste. So when I heard about Jennifer Lopez's latest film, and the poor reviews it was generating, I wasn't put off. Little did I know how right they had been, and what rubbish I was about to see.

J-Lo stars as Slim, a hard working woman, who thinks she has met the perfect man in Mitch (Billy Campbell). They start an idyllic life together, but after the birth of their daughter, Grace, Slim discovers that Mitch has another side - a controlling and dark alter ego, who turns their domestic tranquillity into terror and menace.

Fearing for both her own and her daughter's life, she tries to escape the marriage, but is relentlessly pursued. Breaking ties with everyone she knows, changing her name, her appearance, her very identity, she then goes into hiding, only to be hunted again.

But Slim’s had Enough and decides to make a final stand. As she fights to survive, she must not only change the very way she views her husband but, more importantly, herself.

The ensuing chase grinds its way to a predictable ending in a completely average way, which is a shame, given that the film deals with some very real social issues - ones that need addressing, such as domestic abuse.

However, instead of capitalising on this subject matter to make a statement, we get a flimsy, thoughtless film, that makes even J-Lo look bad.

The film is little more than an aggressive version of the Julia Roberts vehicle, Sleeping With The Enemy; and like that film, won't be remembered once it leaves the box office.

Lopez and Campbell turn in reasonable performances and the movie does have its moments, but, in the end, none of that is nearly enough to save it.