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Derailed - Mikael Håfström talks about his next project

Story by: Jack Foley

HAVING made a name for himself directing the Oscar-nominated Evil (Ondskan), Swedish director, Mikael Håfström, will next be working with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston on the thriller, Derailed.

In London to promote Evil, Håfström told IndieLondon a little bit more about 'the Hitchockian-style thriller'.

"It's much more of a genre film than Evil," he continued. "It's a sort of Hitchock piece about a married man who meets a married woman and they start a relationship. From that point on, everything goes pretty downhill."

The illicit liaison in question is discovered by a violent criminal, who blackmails the lovers, forcing them to turn the tables on their pursuer in order to protect their families.

The film is currently in post-production and marks Håfström's first foray into Hollywood - having been backed by Miramax and filmed on location in England and Chicago.

Yet the director was remarkably candid about making the leap from Europe to Hollywood, and working with stars of the calibre of Owen.

"Well, you know, when you stand there with your actors and your camera, it's not much different. It's other areas. It's the pre-production, it's the casting, it's more people involved.

"In fact, the casting is the biggest difference because it takes a lot of time, and actors have agents, so it takes forever to get everything on paper.

"You have more time and more money and all of that, but there's also more people, so it's a slower process.

"In Sweden, we had small crews so we moved around very quickly. Here, we have more days but it takes a much longer time to move all these people around, so it evens out.

"But I enjoyed it and I've enjoyed working with Clive Owen who was totally unkown when I hired him a year ago. We were very lucky to be working with him."

Derailed is due to open in US cinemas in October and should follow in the UK sometime thereafter.

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