Aliens leads Imax's After Dark season

By Jack Foley & Simon Bell

THE British Film Institute, together with the Imax state-of-the-art cinema, is currently showing some of the best films of all time as part of its After Dark season, offering film buffs the chance to see some of their favourites on the biggest screen of them all!

Already shown as part of the season, was Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and Martin Scoreses' Taxi Driver, while forthcoming films include the likes of James Cameron's Aliens and Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Here, indielondon profiles the best (and worst!) of what's on offer during the month of March - and invite you to take a trip to London's South Bank to catch some classics in the way they were meant to be seen - on the big screen.

NB. It is worth noting that these films are not Imax, large format or 3D presentations, hence the films will only occupy a portion of the full Imax screen.

Ticket prices: Individual/Groups Adults: £7.50/£6.50; Children £6/£5.50; Concessions £6.20/£5.70

Children - includes ages 3 - 16 years
Concessions - includes students, over 60s, disabled and unemployed.
Groups of 10 or more qualify for group rates.
Please call 020 7960 3120 for group bookings.

Advance booking line: 020 7902 1234 (£1 booking fee applies)

Address: 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, South Bank, Waterloo, London SE1 8XR

Mar 22 - 24

2001: A Space Odyssey (PG)

Dir: Stanley Kubrick

Whatever your view, few can deny that, in places, 2001 is a stunning and innovative piece of cinema, proof of a director at the top of his game. The late Kubrick is not referred to as one of the Big Screen's visionaries for no reason.

Time: 9pm

Mar 29 - 31

Pearl Harbor (12)

Dir: Michael Bay

Technically, the movie is undoubtedly an awesome achievement but in all other aspects, Pearl Harbor is found to be seriously wanting. Director Michael Bay may be adept at handling explosions (witness Armageddon), but is curiously lame when it comes to human emotions, while Randall Wallace's script is at best inept and at worst, downright insulting.

Time: 9pm