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Into The Blue - Preview

Preview by: Jack Foley

JESSICA Alba has enjoyed something of a prolific year when you consider the high-profile movies she has been in.

Having mesmerised as a lasso-wielding stripper in Robert Rodriguez's ultra-hip, Sin City, she is next due to appear in a snug super-hero outfit for The Fantastic Four.

And if that wasn't enough, she will also be donning a bikini in the upcoming Into The Blue, a modern take on Peter Benchley's The Deep, co-starring Paul (2 Fast, 2 Furious) Walker.

Set in the Cayman Islands, the sea-based thriller finds Walker and Alba as a treasure-hunting couple whose end up in peril following the discovery of a sunken wreck, which places them at odds with treasure-hunters.

The film is directed by John Stockwell (of Blue Crush, Crazy/Beautiful fame) and co-stars Scott Caan, Josh Brolin and Ashley Scott.

The trailer suggests plenty of high-ocean thrills and spills, as well as gratuitous shots of tanned bodies (both sexes) splashing about in the water.

It could be a popcorn flick that offers easy-on-the-eye enjoyment, rather than anything to really engage the brain.

But it could well prove another sizeable hit for Alba, as well as Walker.

Given the potential perils of deep sea diving, it wasn't the water, or its inhabitants, which gave Walker the biggest cause for concern - but rather the presence of Alba, with whom he was worried he might not get along.

Speaking online, the 31-year-old actor recalled meeting Alba on a separate movie project and just simply 'butting heads' across the table.

But they did hit it off, allowing Walker to concentrate on getting used to some of his more dangerous co-stars - sharks.

Walker went on to reveal that he had to spend a lot of time around the ocean's fiercest predators, touching them and hitting them on the nose.

But the time he spent around them increased his respect for the creatures - which was already high, given his off-screen passion for surfing.

Walker, too, has been busy of late, having recently completed the ensemble comedy Noel, alongside Susan Sarandon, Alan Arkin and Penelope Cruz.

Into The Blue is scheduled to open in US theatres on September 30 and will follow in the UK sometime thereafter.

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