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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - Timothy Spall/Brad Siberling Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Timothy Spall Q&A

Q. You've been working with the cream of Hollywood almost constantly....
Q. Are we going to lose you to America, because you crop up so often in Hollywood movies, and you seem to do so well in them.
Well, no, because it's not all the time, I can still live in London, but I do love the experience of working over there and it's very enjoyable that I live in London. But due to the marvellous advances of the jet engine, you can get to places quite quickly. And they're kind enough to pay for you to stay there and let you perform. It's charming and it's nice to come to it later on. I didn't go out there as a young actor and sit by anybody's pool begging, I waited til it came, and it took 20 years, but it's nice.
Carrey: I snuck across the border myself. I had no invitation!

Brad Siberling Q&A

Q. How difficult was it to direct the performance from Sunny, as portrayed by the two Hoffman twins?
I think often it was only because I am a father too that I didn't want to take the children and just stash them behind the stage somewhere. But I think the greatest effort, actually, was for the cast. You're looking at a group of very resilient people around me, who at any moment might be told 'ok, you're going into two thirds of the scene... jump in now'.
Because you had to work with what the babies were doing. The Hoffmans are incredibly social and very connected, but the reality is they would fall asleep on camera.

Q. Jim has alluded to the fact there is going to be tonnes of stuff on the DVD? Is this true?
We're going for the first six-disc DVD in history. There's tremendous material, across the board.

Q. Who was the arachnophobe on-set? And how about the room full of snakes?
It's amazing, what you're seeing in the picture actually is a room filled with real live snakes. We had a CG friend with us, which was the incredibly deadly viper, because we couldn't find one in time. But that set was not a place for the faint of heart. We had this fantastic snake professor. Everything you see is real.

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