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Orange Wednesdays - Take a friend to the flicks for free

Story by: Jack Foley

FILM fans across London, who own an Orange mobile phone, can now take a friend to the cinema for free every Wednesday, at the Odeon.

The cinema initiative, called ‘Orange Wednesdays’, was launched by TV celebrity and BBC Film 2004 presenter, Jonathan Ross, who described it as ‘great news for film fans everywhere’.

The initiative has been developed in partnership with the UK cinema industry, to encourage movie lovers to visit the cinema more often, and enjoy a wider range of films.

Added Ross: "Just think, you can take a friend or relative to the movies for free, every Wednesday!

"For the first time in UK cinema history, a mobile ticketing service has been introduced, so that Orange users can buy two cinema tickets for the price of one.

Customers obtain a unique reference number, by simply texting FILM to 241, speed dialling 241 or visiting the Orange World WAP portal.

Tickets are redeemable at a number of cinemas across the capital, details of which can be accessed by clicking here.

Jeremy Dale, vice-president of brand marketing for Orange UK, commented: "Everyone loves a great film and the introduction of Orange Wednesdays will help to make 2004 a golden year for the nation’s film fans.

"Orange customers will now be able to use their phone as a season ticket for the cinema."

The initiative will also offer Orange customers the opportunity to access information on every film released in the UK and the opportunity to personally connect with their own choice of film titles at any time.

In addition, Orange customers will be able to access exclusive mobile phone content to more than 12 film releases during 2004.

Click on the link to the right of this page to find out the nearest cinema to you, which is taking part in the offer.

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