'He's a funny bastard!' - Farrell on Pacino

Feature by Jack Foley

WHEN Irish actor, Colin Farrell, describes himself as a ‘26-year-old man trying to find his way in the world’, who doesn’t really care about how people perceive what he has to say, it smacks of a refreshing honesty not usually associated with the politically-correct Hollywood elite.

So when he goes on to describe Al Pacino, his latest co-star, as both ‘a funny bastard’ and a ‘quirky little fella’, it should come as little surprise.

Much has been written about Farrell in recent months, concerning his high-profile relationships, his wild boy antics, and his outspoken nature. The Sun has even dubbed him ‘the lusty leprechaun’ - a label he admits he loves.

Yet one thing is clear from spending time in his company - he has neither the time, nor the concern, to deal with such things, opting to remain refreshingly honest in his approach to the industry.

Roger Donaldson, who directs him alongside Pacino in CIA thriller, The Recruit, notes that it is this, as much as anything, which makes people want to work with him. "What you see is what you get," he told journalists at The Dorchester Hotel. "He doesn’t brown-nose people."

And it is an apt description. Scruffy, unshaven and smoking a cigarette throughout the 30-minute gathering, Farrell looks like someone who genuinely doesn’t care what people think. Yet he exudes an air of confidence (not arrogance) that is infectious.