'At this point, he is more intense, more insane and much angrier'

Story by Jack Foley

HE has committed some unspeakable acts of evil, and kills without remorse whenever the mood takes him, yet audiences’ love affair with Hannibal the Cannibal shows no sign of letting up.

Whether it is serving a victim part of his own brain, ripping the face off of a hapless prison guard to use as a mask, or merely killing a musician who under-performed at a concert and cooking part of him for dinner guests, there is a sadistic pleasure to be found in going to see this particular doctor.

Such is his allure, that cinema-goers recently voted Hannibal as the most popular movie villain of all-time in a poll carried out by US magazine, Entertainment Weekly - and his Box Office appeal looks set to rise.

Red Dragon, released in cinemas on Friday, October 11, marks the fourth celluloid outing for cinema’s most famous cannibal, and the third time he has been portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. It promises to unearth yet another goldmine.

Essentially a remake of Michael Mann’s stylish Manhunter, the film marks the realisation of producer Dino De Laurentiis’s ambition to complete the trilogy with Hopkins in the role, while also presenting Lecter with a new FBI adversary in the form of Edward Norton’s Will Graham, the man responsible for capturing him.