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Meg Ryan to tarnish her image in Toronto

Story by: Jack Foley

MEG Ryan is to dispense with her good girl image (along with her clothes) at the Toronto Film Festival, which takes place from September 4 to 13.

The actress's latest movie, In The Cut, is to be premiered at the festival and is said to mark a significant departure from the rom-com territory which has marked much of her career.

In the film, written and directed by The Piano director, Jane Campion (and based on the novel by Susanna Moore), Ryan stars as New York academic, Frannie Avery, who becomes involved with a detective (Mark Ruffalo), who is investigating a murder in her neighbourhood.

The movie is being hyped by critics because of the opportunity it affords them to see Ryan in a grittier role than usual - she is said to appear naked at one point, while the film itself is said to be both sexually explicit and violent.

One critic has even described Ryan's performance as 'the most astounding change of image by a leading Hollywood actress in recent times'.

The actress has attempted to move away from her rom-com queen image in the past, of course, most notably in movies such as Courage Under Fire (in which she played a courageous helicopter pilot), When A Man Loves A Woman (as a drunk), and Flesh and Bone, but remains best-known for her performances in movies such as When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle (among others).

In The Cut, which was to have been a Nicole Kidman star vehicle, co-stars Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kevin Bacon and is due to be released in the UK later this year, possibly November.


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