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Starsky & Hutch - David Soul Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. Not only were you a star on TV, but you were also on Top of the Pops and all that... It must have been quite mind-boggling for you?
Yeah it was. I guess at that time there wasn't the sort of compartmentalize that you find in the business today.
I was a folk singer, who moved into the theater, and we didn't expect it to be a success. I guess I took advantage of the television series to do the music. It was also an innocent time. It was an energetic time, so I didn't compartmentalize anything, and it was all part of the life experience.

Q. One of the scenes that was recreated in the movie is when you jump onto the hood of the car. Apparently you got hurt when filming it?
Of course not! That was one of the stupidest decisions I ever made. It was very early on, it was the pilot, and you try to pull out all the stops, and overdo things.
So I'm seeing that I've got to run down these steps, and hop off this roof, and down onto the bonnet, and I thought to myself that sucks, so in midair I make this decision to do this complete drop, thinking I was going to show these guys'. Did I ever!
Paul: Do you think it would have been wiser if you'd landed on your head? [Laughs]
Antonio: Cars in those days had more steel in them, too!

Q. Were you disappointed by the lack of a really big car chase in the movie? Were you impressed by Owen's singing?
No I didn't miss that, and Owen's singing (pulls a face and laughs). But I think it was really funny, because they were mixing fact and fiction, there, you know, because Hutch did not record that song. David Soul did. But it was fun, it was nice.

Q. What did you most like about what the actors brought to your characters?
Owen's terrific and I just like watching him. He's very good at his present, and he's also a real decent human being, which is rare.

Q. What's in your schedule?
Well I'm doing a book and I'm back in the studio, recording some more stuff. But who knows? I think the best days are ahead.

Q. When the old TV series ended, what was the one thing you kept as a memento?
I suppose friendship, my friendship with Paul.
Paul: That was a really nice answer, so I guess I should say the same!

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