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Starsky & Hutch - Owen Wilson Q&A

Compiled by: Jack Foley

Q. There's been a ghastly suggestion that your favourite scene in the movie was the one you shot with Carmen Electra. But I believe your favourite scene is the one where we actually here you sing?
Yeah, those were probably neck and neck. Carmen Electra and Amy Smart ended up being very challenging, so we wanted to make sure we got it right. A lot of takes, a lot of rehearsals, and I showed up early that day.
Ben: The one day of the whole shoot, on time!
Owen: It was worth it. Because we got it just right. We nailed it. The singing was... Todd wanted me to take guitar lessons, and he had a voice coach, and I said I can't sing or play guitar. The poor guys who were giving me my guitar lessons quickly realised that I couldn't do it either. So Todd shot it so that you couldn't see my hand, and then they ran my voice through one of those tuning machines. I felt that the chemistry I felt I'd built up with Carmen and Amy on the kissing scene, I lost by singing. I could just see the interest just sort of flicker out of their eyes when they heard me warble. But there will be an album.

Q. You're always riding shotgun in the car - didn't Ben ever let you take it for a spin?
I was allowed to sit behind the wheel of the car as long as the keys were in Ben's pocket in his trailer. But you know Ben is not a good driver.
He doesn't have very good reflexes, or any hand-eye co-ordination. The thing is, it's like Ben would come back all excited saying, 'Oh, I learned how to do a 'power slide'!'
Or, 'hey, today we're gonna do a '180'!' What I came to learn is that what the rest of us call 'fender benders' and 'accidents' is what Ben has a technical term for.

Q. How did you feel about the clothes? Did you ever feel ridiculous? Or did you try and take any?
Well, I don't know if Todd will remember this, but we were out to dinner and I was wearing one of my wardrobe shirts, in Los Angeles, at Orso's, and I was talking to Todd, and he was like, 'Is that one of the shirts!?'
But yeah, when I first tried them on, during my first costume fitting, I felt sort of ridiculous, but then I started to get into it, and got a lot of compliments.

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