My Top Ten Movies of 2002 - Simon Bell

WHILE 2002 won’t be looked back at by me as one of the best year's of modern history for the movie industry, each entry in this Top Ten could all seriously be considered as some of my favourite films ever.

With a 'nearly' list consisting of the likes of Insomnia (Al Pacino at his barn-storming, film-stealing best), Talk To Her (proving Pedro Almodovar will be a European force to be reckoned with for many years to come), Spider-Man (perfect cartoonish rendering of a classic comic) and Lost in La Mancha (searingly honest doc about the collapse of one man’s filmic dream), squeezing the films below into the final rundown proved a tad tricky.

All deserved a solid '2' on the Indielondon rating as far as I’m concerned. Agree or disagree? Why not email


Title: Chicago (15)

Dir: Rob Marshall

High-living, sleazy blue-lit nightclubs, sexual decadence, mind-blowing showtunes… and two comely leading ladies in stockings and suspenders. ‘Nuff said.


Title: Lantana (15)

Dir: Ray Lawrence (II)

A great cast did total justice to the wonderful screenplay, captivating cinematography and strong direction. This really was essential viewing.


Title: In The Bedroom (15)

Dir: Todd Field

Again, it’s performances like the ones offered by the four principals here that should never be taken for granted. A concentrated and passionate chamber piece with powerfully wrought emotions. And Marisa Tomei.


Title: Y Tu Mamá También (And Your Mother Too) (18)

Dir: Alfonso Cuarón

A teen movie with a difference. A road movie with a serious point. Watch this and learn about life, love, sex and friendship. Alfonso Cuaron will be your willing tutor.


Title: Sunshine State (15)

Dir: John Sayles

John Sayles with another must-see for anyone interested in viewing cinema as an artform. Contemplative and very funny with great character studies. And with plenty to say.


Title: Gosford Park (15)

Dir: Robert Altman

A hallmark of classy British ensemble acting and Robert Altman’s prowling eye looked fantastic. The dialogue crackled with wit and invention.


Title: Donnie Darko (15)

Dir: Richard Kelly (II)

A giant evil rabbit who orders a teenager to commit acts of violence and brings note of the impending end of the world. Richard Kelly made this concept into one of the most imaginative films of the year. He must be watched in future.


Title: The Son's Room (15)

Dir: Nanni Moretti

Nanni Moretti’s touching story of a family’s struggle against immense grief. Stark and at times difficult, but a deserved Palme d’Or winner nevertheless.


Title: The Royal Tenenbaums (15)

Dir: Wes Anderson

Yet another winner in the creativity and originality stakes. Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson’s tale of child prodigies reuniting proved “Family Isn't A Word... It's A Sentence.” I could watch this again and again and again.


Title: Mulholland Drive (15)

Dir: David Lynch

Two words: Naomi and Watts.

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