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A Lot Like Love OST

Review: Jack Foley

NOW here's a rare thing indeed - a soundtrack that's actually better than its film.

A Lot Like Love chronicles the fortunes of two friends who seem destined to love each other - but take years to realise it.

It stars Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet and is designed as a contemporary take on When Harry Met Sally and Serendipity.

As such, it spans a number of years and takes in plenty of music, featuring the likes of Groove Armada, Smash Mouth and Ray LaMontagne in the process.

Ironically, it's actually the songs you remember long after the film has finished, given that they provide most of the enjoyment to be had while viewing.

Third Eye Blind's overlooked classic, Semi-Charmed Life, kicks things off in suitably rousing fashion, effortlessly tapping into the sun-drenched West Coast vibe with chilled out lyrics such as 'I believe in the sand beneath my toes'.

It's one of the all-time great feel-good anthems that really deserved to be a bigger UK hit.

Fun, too, is Smash Mouth's Walkin' On the Sun, their precursor to All Star (which became famous through Shrek).

The Cure drop in the deeply melodic Mint Car (from their Wild Mood Swings LP), which drips with retro guitar riffs in the style of their Just Like Heaven classic.

While Eagle-Eye Cherry's chart-buster, Save Tonight, still sounds great and is sure to revive many happy memories of drunken summer evenings.

As a nice counter-balance, there's even some more laidback indie-alternative anthems, courtesy of the likes of Aqualung (the excellent Brighter Than Sunshine) and Aussie rockers, Jet, whose Beatles-esque Look What You've Done provides the movie with some genuinely poignant moments.

With Groove Armada contributing another of their dance anthems (Hands Of Time), Chicago tossing in a cheesy classic (If You Leave Me Now), and the likes of Ray LaMontagne adding a little moody gravitas (Trouble), it's an eclectic soundtrack that serves as an excellent compilation.

My advice is to use the money you might have spent on the film itself to buy this nostalgic gem of an album.


Track listing:
1. Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
2. Walkin' on the Sun - Smash Mouth
3. Save Tonight - Eagle-Eye Cherry
4. Mint Car - The Cure
5. Mad About You - Hooverphonic
6. Trouble - Ray LaMontagne
7. Know Nothing - Travis
8. If You Leave Me Now - Chicago
9. Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung
10. Hands of Time - Groove Armada
11. Look What You've Done - Jet
12. Breathe (2 Am) - Anna Nalick
13. Maybe It's Just Me - Butch Walker

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