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American Pie: The Wedding - soundtrack

Review: Jack Foley

THE American Pie franchise has long been a sounding board for the American power punk/rock acts of the moment and the third film in the series is no exception - even though they're taking it up the aisle!

Kicking off with the well-known Foo Fighters' track, Times Like These, the album then proceeds to take you on a musical whistlestop tour through the cream of the Sum 41-inspired US rock movement of the moment.

And yes, Sum 41 even get in on the act, with their former single, Hell Song (one of the better tracks to emerge from the Does This Look Infected? album), as do American Hi-Fi and The All American Rejects, with the hopelessly catchy Swing, Swing.

Indeed, dare I say, the album will be as crass, loud and objectionable to some as the movie itself; although, for those who love it regardless of bad taste, this will doubtless provide a fitting accompaniment.

Highlights include the aforementioned Swing, Swing, as well as Good Charlotte's suitably boisterous, The Anthem, and New Found Glory's Forget Everything - all of which are guitar heavy, of course, and simplistic in output, but which represent the better sound of this particular genre of music.

Feeder even get in on the act, with one of their recent anthems, Come Back Around, while The Androids bring things to a rousing finale, with Here She Comes.

This being a soundtrack, there are bad songs, of course, with Matt Nathanson's toothless cover of James' Laid a particularly irritating copy, and Avril Lavigne's sweet, I Don't Give, sounding curiously out of place.

But, in the main, this provides many a guilty pleasure for the KROQ, XFM crowd, which could just as easily represent an American rock compilation.

Track listing:
1. Times Like These - Foo Fighters
2. The Anthem - Good Charlotte
3. Forget Everything - New Found Glory
4. The Hell Song - Sum 41
5. Swing, Swing - The All American Rejects
6. I Don't Give - Avril Lavigne
7. Laid - Matt Nathanson
8. The Art Of Losing - American Hi-Fi
9. Fever For The Flava - Hot Action Cop
10. Give Up The Grudge - GOB
11. Bouncing Off The Walls - Sugarcult
12. Come Back Around - Feeder
13. Any Other Girl - Nu
14. Beloved - The Working Title
15. Calling You - Blue October
16. Honey And The Moon - Joseph Arthur
17. Into The Mystic - The Wallflowers
18. Here She Comes - The Androids

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