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Matrix Reloaded: OST

Review: Dean Allen

NOT only did The Matrix revolutionize action cinema in 1999, paving the way for countless imitations, the soundtrack did the same.

With its mixture of nu-metal, dance beats and electronica, it's a format that has been used countless times since - Daredevil, is Matrix-lite in all respects.

With The Matrix Reloaded Album the mixture is still the same, albeit with a more subdued feel.

Never a fan of nu-metal, the tracks from Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and P.O.D. are nothing new and feel out of place.

It's significant that most of these nu-metal tracks do not feature in the film. Linkin Park have taken note with 'Session', an instrumental piano loop minus the wailing, the rapping and the heavy guitars.

Rob Dougan provides another slice of mid-tempo dance 'n' strings that worked so well in 'Clubbed to Death' with 'Furious Angels'.

Alongside Deftones and Team Sleep, the stand out tracks are these atmospheric mid-tempo tracks.

Closing out CD1 is Paul Oakenfold's remix of Dave Matthews Band's 'When The World Ends'. Chosen to play during the end credits, it's another mid-tempo dance remix with a strong piano hook that suggests a somber ending for the film.

Adding great value for money is CD2, where the score takes centre stage. Considering you can pick up this 2cd set for £8.99 on the Internet, for once fans are not being ripped off with two separate soundtracks.

Don Davis returns once again and the 'Main Titles' are instantly remembered.

The reflective, almost abstract score punctuated by hectic strings of 'Trinity Dream', will be familiar and is distinctively the sound of The Matrix.

And then the action starts. If CD2 is representative of the action cues in the film, then the Wachowski brothers have chosen to use driving dance beats to propel those incredible fights.

'Treehouse', from Juno Reactor, is reminiscent of the tribal drum work from Crouching Tiger, with a little didgeridoo thrown in for good measure.

Rob Dougan appears again with a David Arnold, Bond-like cue for 'Chateau'. Fast and furious.

'Mona Lisa Overdrive' and 'Burly Brawl' are both collaborations from Juno Reactor and Don Davis and are a mixture of bass beats and strings. It's not hard to imagine the freeway chase and Keanu fighting 100 agents during these action cues.

The very nature of a music from and inspired by album means that it's going to be a hit-and-miss affair. Chances are, at a good price, there will be more hits than misses.

Track Listings
Linkin Park - Session
Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit*
Rob Zombie - Reload
Rob Dougan - Furious Angels
Deftones - Lucky You*
Team Sleep - The Passportal*
P.O.D. - Sleeping Awake
Unloco - Bruises*
Rage Against The Machine - Calm like a bomb
Oakenfold - Dread Rock
Fluke - Zion
Dave Matthews Band - When the world ends (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

Don Davis - Main Titles
Don Davis - Trinity Dream
Juno Reactor featuring Gocoo - Teahouse
Rob Dougan - Chateau
Juno Reactor/Don Davis - Mona Lisa Overdrive
Juno Reactor VS. Don Davis - Burly Brawl
Don Davis - "Matrix Reloaded" Suite

*Not in film

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