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Unleashed OST - Massive Attack

Review: Jack Foley

MASSIVE Attack were personally approached by Luc Besson and the film's director, Louis Leterrier, to record the soundtrack to their Jet Li film, Unleashed.

The result is as dark, brutal and occasionally poignant as you might expect - encompassing all of the usual Massive Attack values in a style that is more suited to a film soundtrack.

The score was put together over an 11-week period and seeks to capture both the fast-paced action (Atta' Boy) and its reflective sadness (Sweet Is Good).

It is comprised of 21 pieces of music which run in a chronological order throughout the film and is reflective of the change of paces that occur throughout.

The film itself focuses on Jet Li's Danny, a slave who has lived his life like a dog, having been trained as such by his owner, Bart (Bob Hoskins).

Danny is given a shot at a new life, however, following a chance meeting with Morgan Freeman's blind piano player only to find that his past comes back to haunt him.

Needless to say, the soundtrack is book-ended by pumped up, beat-heavy tracks that are used to accompany Danny's breathtaking fight scenes.

Put together with such choreography, they work wonders, while also embracing the trademark Massive Attack values.

Elsewhere, as Danny begins to discover the joys of life and love, while coming to terms with his past and the death of his mother, the music is sadder and much more reflective, allowing simple piano chords and gentle beats to take centre-stage.

It's an intriguing mix - sometimes exhilarating, sometimes beguiling - that marks an interesting style for Massive Attack that's well worth checking out for fans.

It obviously works best once you have seen the film, but several tracks stand out in their own right (especially Danny The Dog), evoking memories of the emotive, cinematic style of Teardrop.

For that reason alone, it's to be recommended to both movie fans and Massive Attack fans alike.

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Track listing:
1. Opening Title
2. Atta' Boy
3. P Is for Piano
4. Simple Rules
5. Polaroid Girl
6. Sam
7. One Thought at a Time
8. Confused Images
9. Red Light Means Go
10. Collar Stays On
11. You've Never Had a Dream
12. Right Way to Hold a Spoon
13. Everybody's Got a Family
14. Two Rocks and a Cup of Water
15. Sweet Is Good
16. Montage
17. Everything About You Is New
18. Dog Obeys
19. Danny the Dog
20. I Am Home
21. Academy
22. Baby Boy [*] - Thea
23. Unleash Me [*] - Christbearer Of Northstar

Atta' Boy/Massive Attack video: Real™ High | Real™ Medium l Real™ Low

Windows™ High l Windows™ Medium l Windows™ Low

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